Help Wanted

Occasionally I get a query I can’t really help with, other than my best opinion, and the advice “Have you tried your local Lambretta Club?” (All the Lambretta clubs that I’m aware of are listed here, on my links page).

So I’m going to post these queries and appeals for help up here, and who knows, you may be able to chip in with a bit of advice, or knowledge that I simply don’t have. Respond via the comments, or directly to the questioner if there’s a contact email if you want to share your wisdom!

I’ll leave the queries up, and hopefully they will be useful for somebody else too…

Here’s the first:

Lambretta Servicing in Wyoming USA?

Bill writes: My 1966 TV175 is completely original. I haven’t ridden it in a couple of years nor have I started it in that period of time I think the tank needs to cleaned out and the carb cleaned. I’m looking for someone within 75 miles to do this service. I live in Carpenter, Wyoming 82054

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And another:

Lambretta Egg Wanted!

Has anybody got a Lambretta DL Egg from the Bradford exchange, like this one?
Adele would be interested in getting her hands on one

Reply to:

LD’s Wanted in Hyderabad!

Syed in Hyderabad, India is on the lookout for LD model Lammies, in the $2k price range, and is willing to pay shipping, if you can can help email:

Can you make Dave’s LN go faster?

Dave wants to know how to get a bit more poke out of his LN, if you can help him, get in touch:


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