Model D Racer Replica for sale


A bit of a palette cleanser after that horrible Pato in the last post… there’s a lovey replica of a Model D racer for sale over at Car & Classic. Not a genuine racer, but built on a genuine D frame, with, what looks like to me, a good eye for detail. Now there are those of you who’ll think D’s should only be seen in that drab olive green / khaki / pale grey colour they were originally sold in… and not messed about with in any way… but I love this “corsa” look…


While I’m on the subject, I’ve seen a D repainted in GP Orange and it was a revelation, the machine looked almost modern, and you could see a definite lineage between it and a Luna. Concours? No. Original? No. Desirable? Yes, to me anyway. What do you think? Go on, don’t be shy…


If you’re interested, it’s going for £3,750 (ONO)… which I think is a bit of a bargain, personally. Something a bit different, I reckon it would be pretty rideable on todays roads, and a real head turner at rallies.

If you’re interested, here’s the link.


Lambretta collection for sale on eBay.


Ok, we’ve all been there. You’ve got a few spare qiuid jangling round your pocket and you fancy a Lambretta. But which model? Descisions, descions. Well, worry no more cash rich scooterist, there’s no need to make those hard descions. You can buy an entire Lambretta collection on eBay, here. Eight scooters, from a Model D 150 thru to a Lui 50… all restored six years ago and dry garaged since then. Most of them seem to have won awards at various European Lambretta events of the years, and each comes with a dossier documenting their restoration, and some original brochures and other collateral. Nice. Only wish my numbers had come up on the lottery the other night!


The models are:

• 1956 Model D 150

 • 1956 LD 150

• 1961 Li 150 Series 2

• 1964 LI 125 Series 3

• 1967 J 125 (Starstream – or Stellina in Italian)

• 1967 Lui 50

• 1970 J50 Special

• 1971 Dl (GP) 200


They are for sale for €76,900.25 No, I don’t know why the 25 cents.

That’s about £56k in proper money. Which works out a shade under £7k each if you divide them equally. A tad pricey I would have thought, although some of the scoots have some nice original period accessories. If you are interesed in purchasing this collection, they’re on eBay, here.


Rallymaster replica on eBay


One of my favourite old skool cutsom machines, the Rallymaster was a special build by Lambretta Concessionaires for sporting UK scooterists competing in rallying/scrambling type events.


At the time, it was probably the best Lambretta built, this of course would make it the best scooter in the world. There were quite a few variations from the standard Series 2 Lambretta… all of which have been faithfully reproduced on this fine replica, now for sale on eBay.



You can get all the details there of course, but check out the Eibar style turning front mudguard (with horncasting to match), the working Raydot spotlight, and the rear grab rail… epsecially usefull if the back wheel gets stuck in mud; and, my favourite feature, the intrument panel with a stop watch, map light and rev counter. 

Check out the full details here.


Lambro 3-wheeler for sale


I came across this beautiful Lambro 3 wheeler on the Car & Classic website.

It’s being offered for £8k, offers invited. I saw one of these at the Ride for Rememberance last year, and it was certainly turning heads. If you’ve got a few quid and fancy something a bit different check it out. You will have to get it back from Lake Como, Italy… but I’ve always been after an excuse for visiting there!

You could own this stunning Bolan/T-Rex tribute Lammy (If you’ve got a spare £12k)

UPDATE: The scooter featured below sold for £11,900…


If muralled, plated, engraved custom Lammies are your thing (they aint mine, but I CAN see the attraction), then here’s your chance to own one of the best out there. The work, and the money, that’s gone into it is immense. It’s based on an all Italian TV 175, Series 3… and as with most of these beautifully customised machines the engine has been seriously tuned too… although I’m not suprised  it has done “a minimum of road miles” since; would you want to zoom about on it when you’d spent so much on paint and plating?


The list of modifications is immense, from one-off, hand made brake levers in the shape of a Gibson ‘flying `V’ guitar, to signatures by Andy Ellison of John’s children (Bolans first band) and Helen Shapiro. Check it out on eBay here. But you’d better be quick, because as I type this, the auction only has 4hrs to run. And it’s currently sitting at £11,900, with 24 bids.


If I had a Hammer…


I’d hammer in the morning, and the evening! Found this rather nice Lambretta AF Rayspeed Rapido 250, on eBay, ideal for the supporter of a certain East London Assosication Footaball team. Currently on the Isle of Wight, with a classified price of £5k. 

Here’s the link.

eBay Watch, an LD Special


For many riders, we are approaching the end of the scootering season. Owners who have decided that they’ve done their last rally, are working on a new project or realised that they are never going to get their project finished are selling their scoots… so it may be a good time to buy… I always keep an eye on eBay, (not that I can afford another scoot, but there’s always my “fantasy garage”!) and there seems to be a glut of good Lambretta’s on there. My taste these days seems to be going further back down the Lambretta lineage, it seems the older I get, the older the scoots I like. I’ve got a particular hankering for Series 1’s, and LD’s at the moment. Here are a couple I’ve found on the bay. As with anything that I post up here, I’m not recommending, just highlighting… go and take a look and make your own mind up before you part with your readies.


This one isn’t your everyday LD, and that’s refelected in the price. Although it looks pretty authentic, and the two tone turquoise and cream paintjob screams 1950’s, it’s an Auto conversion by renowned builder Dave Briggs – those of you who’ve been paying attention may remember I mentioned him in a previos post on auto conversions – and it’s fitted with a modern Typhoon engine with a 172 conversion kit, upgraded clutch, gearbox, exhaust and brakes. Apparently it will “beat anything off the lights, sits at 70-75mph all day and still has more”. So if you want classic style, with auto performance and reliability, check it out on eBay here. I must admit, if I had the cash I’s be sorely tempted by this one.


But maybe originality is more important to you. Well, this little beauty certainly looks the part, and has an MOT on her until March next year, and has been lovingly restored from a ‘basket case’ with all Italian parts. Lovely. Here’s the eBay link.

They’re not the only LD’s out there, theres everything from fully restored £4k (Plus!) scoots to bare frames… and spares seem easily sourcable. So if you want a Lammy, and you want to look proper old school… maybe an LD’s worth a look.

Ever wish you had a spare £16 Grand?


I know, silly question. But I do, right now. There’s somebody on eBay selling this delightful, and pretty rare Lambretta Model D sidecar combination. Which looks as close to concours as you’d want. I’ve recently started compiling a ‘dream garage’ list of Lambretta’s I’d love to own, and a D is right up there. As is a Lambretta sidecar combo, but I’d never put the two together in my head. There are several nice touches to the setup that really work well, I love the chrome legshield trim on the scoot, as well as the spare wheel carrier with integrated petrol tank, a lovely original (looking anyway) item with the innocenti logo. The luggage rack on the sidecar and the front bumper bar on the D are nice too. It also comes with optional “butty box’ behind the fitted petrol tank, something I suspect is an expensive addition if you need to source an original one. Another nice touch is the matching saddles and leather trim on the sidecar. Class. The only thing that really jars is the wheel embellisher on the sidecar. I think I’d either lose that and paint the wheel to match the bodywork, or paint the blue part of the embellisher to match the saddles. But who am I to be so picky! It’s sitting at a not inconsequential £8k at the moment, which seems a tad on the high side to me, but if it’s the sort of rare, early Lambretta that floats your boat, it might be right up your alley. Link here.

The other £8k would be going to the same bloke… clicking the “see sellers other items” link brought up a lovely Fiat 500 D. Nice, although again, probably a little on the high side price wise. Link here.
He does appear to have listed both items twice.


Cushty Custom Cushman


If the Russian Tula I posted the other day doesn’t appeal, howsabout something from the other side of the cold war. Filed under “it’s not a Lambretta, but it’s pretty darn cool” department… I bring you this lovely custom Cushman. Cushman scooters hail from the good old US of A, and while many european scooters tried to ape the lovely curves of the Lambretta and Vespa, with varying degrees of success, Cushman plowed their own furrow.


Instead of a set french curves, the designer used a good old ruler. 
This example dates back to 1960, and is a customised Model 520. The customisation is pretty tastefully done, some nice pinstriping, a ’59 Cadillac tailight, and the dice detailing on that mysterious lever on the left side of the scooter. (I think it opens the engine compartment). It’s the epitome of the 1950’s Vegas Loungebar aesthetic, scooter style!
Better than all that, it’s for sale, here, so if you’ve got the yen for something different, and the Soviet Tula, stick an offer in. Oh, and if the model looks kinda familiar to you, you’re probably thinking of that Bo Diddley LP cover…



From Russia with love

We all know you can’t beat a classic Lambretta, but if you’ve got a yen for something a litlle different in the classic scooter stakes, how about this lovely Tula 200cc scoot from the former Soviet Union. 
Very much in lin1950’s Teutonic style coachwork… a huge front mudguard reminiscent of a Hienkel, but the rear very similar to the Glas Gogo… this was a beast designed to cope with the worst that the Russian winters could throw at it.
On eBay now for a grand, classified price.