For virile men who know how to handle the fast things in life…

Love the copy in this period ad for the new Grand Prix. Can’t help but thinking they were pronouncing “Prix” wrong in their heads when they wrote it though!


Back to the future with Globester scooters

Brooks-Stevens-Globester-Motor-Scooter-1 Brooks-Stevens-Globester-Motor-Scooter-2 Brooks-Stevens-Globester-Motor-Scooter-3I can’t find out much about Globester scooters on the web, but the one thing that stand out from these pics is that they are so ahead of their time… Found via the excellent Retronaut site, (one of the non-scootering blogs that’s on my regular reading list), they date from 1946… I think that just relates to the top pic though. I think that’s pretty amazing, I would have guessed the fifties at the earliest. When you think that Innocenti’s  Model A, on the face of it a much less sophisticated design, dates from 1947, you get the impression that American scooters had a definite head start on those from Italy!Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 10.07.05The ad above does come from the nifty fifties, and the one thing that strikes me from that is that is the price… the Globester doesn’t strike me as a cheap scooter! I don’t know why the Globester wasn’t a bigger success, maybe it comes down to engineering, reliability, price or fashion, but it’s certainly not as well known (this side of the pond at least) as that other iconic US brand, The Cushman. As an aside, did you know you can buy a brand new Cushman today? Here’s the link.

The other Cushman link on the blog worth checking out, if you like this kind of thing, is a beautiful custom job, check it out here.

Little Things Mean A Lot – Lambretta Ad


There’s a lot to like in this ad… not least the Lammies! The advertiser, AXA, has paid attention to get some of the little details right (or rather their ad agency has). The lead actor even looks like he’s properly into the whole mod thing, even if he’s a little young to be “an original”. I wasn’t going to post this, as I thought everybody would have already seen this… but then I though, “well, only in the UK”, as the blog has more or less a global reach (more than 100 countries last time I checked).

Lambretta used in shoe ad…

Never mind where she got the shoes… where did he get the scoot?

If you want to make your ad sexy and stylish, just add a couple of pretty girls and a Lambretta. Nerver fails. Nice Lammy, used to flog footwear.

Via the Scooterist blog

Latest advertising shots of the Lambretta LN


Downloaded from another site related to the new Lambretta LN, . It’s nice to see the traditon of using pretty lady to sell scooters hasn’t entirely died out.


There’s a cool little video on the landing page… although I think it would have been better if they didn’t spell out that the Italian for wasp is Vespa… and left that as a little ‘in-joke’… I do amire the ballsiness of taking on the “auld enemy”. Quite ambitious!


Stella Artois ad

Do you remember these print ads for Stella Artois, featuring design classics, such as an Eames chair, Rickenbacker guitar and even… gasp… a Lambretta used as to open a bottle of Stella?
Beautifully understated advertising that you have to work at, just a little, to “get”. I love the subtlety of just the Stella cap, and a few droplets of beer on the horncasting. They know their Lambrettas too, Using the very desirable Series 3 TV200. There’s not even a Stella Artois logo, just their wonderful “Reassuringly Expensive” strapline. Class.
Photography by Jenny Van Sommers