Lambretta. Not.


Whatever you feel about the Lambretta LN and it’s siblings, at least some attempt has been made to echo some classic Lambretta styling. Which is more than can be said for this monstrosity. When I saw it, I got a little bit of sick in the back of my throat. It’s marketed as “Brand new Mod Vintage Lambretta ‘PATO’ Scooter Blue 151CC RRP- £3,900.00… Limited Vintage Edition Grab One For Yourself” I’d highly recommend that you DON’T.

This has less Lambretta DNA than a Lada, and all the street cred of a Disney character comedy tie. 

Get a proper Lambretta, get a LN, get a V*spa, for gawd sake… get a cheap Chinese twist’n’go… but avoid this. Seriously. I’m not going to even stick the eBay link up. 



Lambretta model C bits on eBay


I don’t usually post parts I’ve found on eBay up here, but these are sufficiently rare… well… you don’t see Model C bits coming up all that often do you? A couple wheel rims, a hub and a shock, If you’ve got a “C” it’s probably worth snapping them up, even if you don’t need them right now. Fella’s also flogging a couple of LD carbs. Just a bit of a heads up! Link, or search for Morris5901 on eBay.

New record for riding a Lammie no handed


Don’t try this at home kids!

Lussio Lisarelli from Gubbio, in Italy had a liver transplant a few years ago. He wanted to show the world what 70 year old transplant survivors could do. So he decided to go for the world record for riding a Lambretta, without using your hands. Like you do. 

Suffice it to say, he did it, travelling 1,150 metres, and exceeding 13 minutes. No handed. On a Lambretta. For the technically minded who wnat to work out how he did it I’m going to cut and paste directly from the “To lead 2 stroke” (Italian) vintage scooter blog where I found the story.

“Lucio part, meshes with the gears up to the 2nd or 3rd as needed, and then locks the knob with a rubber band already rolled up on the handlebar”

You might understand that, but I’m none the wiser. Sounds dangerous enough without locking your knob up with an elastic band… but I think it may just be lost in (Google) translation 🙂

Ultimate oddball scooter collection up for grabs…



We’ve all been there, garageful of scooters (I wish!) and a nagging missus… when you going to get rid of those bloody things… you never ride all of them… Well one guy (it’s got to be a bloke really) is selling his collection of Scoots and Microcars on eBay. 47 of them. That rather puts the Lambretta collection I posted previously fade into insignificance. 


There’s a huge collection of what I, rather patriosingly, call “oddballs”… everything from Bernadet’s to Zundapps, and everything inbetween. Well, nearly everything… there are a couple of famous marques, notably Lambretta and V*spa, missing from this collection. I bet a) he doesn’t like V*spa’s, and b) he’s keeping his Lambrettas :). (Although there is an NSU Lambretta in the mix) Many of the scoots are sidecar combinations and/or trailers. There are even a couple of microcars in the mix, a Goggomobile Coupé and a Goggo Limousine. I’m uncertain as to what a Goggo Limousine is (although I’m guessing limousine is probably overegging it somewhat), but a Goggo Coupé is one of the prettiest microcars made, in my ever so humble.


So if you fancy a Czeta 502, a IWL Berlin, a Maicoletta or MV Augusta… or one of the 43 other scoots, stick your bids in here. There’s a fairly decent British contingent in there; a brace of Triumphs, a Velocette and Osa. You’ll need fairly deep pockets though, as it’s currently sitting at € 46,000 Update:  it’s up to € 52,000 and I don’t think that’s STILL anywhere near the reserve. And no, he doesn’t want to split them.

I reckon this lot will be snapped up by a transport museum somewhere… probably in the states.

Full details are worth checking out, even if you’re not going to put a bid in! 

I may just buy an extra lottery ticket this weekend. You never know.