Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas guys and gals. Scoot safe. See y’al in 2012. 


New 50cc Lambretta’s sneak onto the market


Ok, so I’ve been a little busy… (hence the lack of recent updates on here) but I have kept my eye on the happenings in the Lambretta world. Don’t quite know how I missed this (Although to be fair I did flag it up in November). 


But it looks like the good people behind the new Lambretta LN have snuck out a couple of new models without telling me. From what I can gather there is three new models… the LS50 (Top pic,green flashes on the sidepanels)… which sneaks in at just under £3k (ouch!) and the (slightly) more affordable LT (middle pic – the red one) and LJ (last pic, headlight on the horncasting)… which come in at just under £2k. All three look like they will be available form February or March next year, but orders are being taken now. More facts, figures, roadtests etc.when I get them.


They are available from Eddy Bullet and other good scooter dealers.
(If you’re a dealer, and you are stocking them, know any more, or even want to let me have a test ride so I can write about them, get in touch and I’ll link to you). 

Vintage video… TV2 and Bubblecar

Vintage film of a young guy riding his Lambretta TV175, Messerschmitt KR, and Honda 50 Sport.
Love the Lammy and the Messerschmitt… I’ll pass on the Honda, maybe have an MV Augusta instead… 🙂  

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5,000km Pan-European Roadtrip… on a 1966 SX

A documentary video of an impressively bearded Italian guy (Alessa Andrini, I’m guessing from his YouTube user name) and a 5,000 km road trip from his home town in Riccione, Italy. Before he sets off to see the British Moto GP at Donnington, and then the Dutch one at Assen,  first he has to restore his 1966 SX 150… (although I thought it looked pretty good as it was, you can’t argue with the finished scoot, in vibrant yellow). Follow the whole series via his YouTube page.

Lambretta LN on a shopping trip in Vietnam…


Glamourous Vietnamese Lambretta girl Mai Chi on a shopping trip with the new Lambretta LN. In our eurocentric world we sometimes forget just how big a market South East Asia is for the new Lambretta, from some of the buzz online, it almost seems to be their lead market. 

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