Safe & Secure

A bit of a round up of ‘bits & pieces’ that have caught my eye…

ICE – In Case of Emergency

Firstly is the ICE patch… a simple, but clever idea, and one of those things you hope you’ll never need. It’s a set of stickers you can apply to your crash helmet that give the Emergency Services access to your vital info by scanning a Quick Response code.nineteen_seventy_six_poster

ICE Patch QR Codes to make it easier and faster for the emergency services to access your vital information. There’s no need to search your person for a medic alert bracelet. Your health and contact information is at their fingertips. It’s inexpensive and impossible to leave at home. The emergency services can immediately establish who you are, who to call and access any medical information that could help to save your life. They know it’s accurate and current, because you gave it to them.  Some Police Motorcycle Units are now wearing ICE Patches themselves. For instance, the Essex Police motorcyclists seen on Channel 5’s Emergency Bikers are seen to sport ICE Patch QR codes on their helmets. A set of four identical ICE Patches costs £10 plus applicable sales tax and postage. 10% of all of our revenues are donated to road safety and rescue charities and initiatives. Only available here.ice_patch_product

Educate Young Drivers…

A lot of Lambretta riders and scooterists in general are of more mature years these days… and I like to think most of us know how to ride safely and defensively. But I’m sure we’ve all encoutered  car drivers who don’t seem to have a clue, about anyone on two wheels.
Young Car Driver is a resource for learner car drivers and younger motorists that has a section on how to drive around motorcyclists… it’s worth letting friends, family and neighbours know about this one. UPDATE! Since I originally wrote this post it’s come to my attention Young Car Driver are running a competition to win a SatNav. If you want to be in with a chance of winning one, here’s the link.

Lock Down

ScooterlockVespaOf course, you won’t be going anywhere  if you’re pride and joy gets nicked. It’s always heartbreaking to see some scumbag has nicked a scooter – they are so much more than simply vehicles. Sadly, There are 20,000 scooters stolen a year, 80% of which are from the owners home. If you’ve had your scoot nick, get it listed on the LCGB National Stolen Scooter Registry, sharpish. Of course the best scenario is not get your scooter nicked in the first place. Simply parking next to a more desirable scooter won’t cut it, the scumbags will probably have both your scooters in the back of the transit! The guys at  specialise in Lambretta and Vespa scooter locks, and scooter security products. A worthwhile precaution, in my ever so humble opinion.


Peel Trident

729x191xPeelP50_features_r1_c1.png.pagespeed.ic.hfMk8vxZDBI’ve always loved these little British bubble cars. The 50cc Peel P50 (above), famously driven around the BBC offices at White City by Jeremy Clarkson (and John Humphrys) for Top Gear took the microcar concept to it’s logical conclusion, and gained a Guinness World Record for being the smallest car in the world. Well, you may have heard that the Peel is back. Available in an original 50cc moped engined version, and now a 1.5Kw electric version, it’s made appearances on Dragons Den and Cadbury’s Adverts.

trident_01Since the apparent demise of the Messerschmitt-alike Smite concept,  it’s the space age Trident that would be my microcar of choice. With it’s fifties flying saucer looks, it’s going to turn heads wherever you go. Originally designed as a shopping car, it was classed as a ‘saloon scooter’. The new electric version is fully road legal in the UK. The only fly in the ointment, and its a rather big, Jeff Goldblum sized fly, is it’s range… a measly 15 miles on a full charge. I’d expect it to make it to at least Saturn. trident_03

If you fancy your very own Peel Trident, proudly made in Britain, there’s an handful of them left, with prices starting from £12,999. So, not all that cheep to buy, but incredibly cheap to run… as they say, almost cheaper than walking 🙂

Find out more on the Peel Engineering website.

Scomadi Promotional Video

If you didn’t want a Scomadi before seeing this video, you probably will after. The section where the Scomadi rides alongside the GP is genius, you can make a really good comparison between the two Marques, and see just how much GP DNA there is in the Scomadi bloodline. It sits a little higher than the Italian original, and lets be brutally honest, it’s not quite as stunningly beautiful, but it comes pretty close.  I’m sold.

The video was created by Paul “Woodsy” Wood of Manchester Lyons SC. Long time readers of the blog might remember his excellent video of Eurolambretta 2013  Avignon, and his scooter photography. If you haven’t seen them, click the relevant links, cos you really ought to.

But If, having seen this video, you want to stop fitting about on this blog and just buy a Scomadi, you can register your details here.

The Scomadi’s are coming…

10406830_10152713158068545_8173392206311166508_nFull production of the eagerly awaited Scomadi Scooter range – the modern auto with classic Lambretta good looks – is well under way. Dealers are being appointed around the country and the range is being showcased at the prestigous INTERMOT Köln Motorcycle Show. Perhaps even more interesting in the long run are rumours of an Electric Scomadi doing the rounds, with a prototype on display at London Fashion Week. Keep up to date on the Scomadi Facebook page.
10177231_10152693640678545_4717761484055189522_n 10427236_10152474752773545_3127952374208184753_n  10622706_10152685052268545_2113261253642206811_n  10659185_10152713158453545_3406801683047247114_n  10685776_10152713158448545_6361431978608469727_n10620726_10152702565863545_8305357953004541529_n10646983_10152702565653545_4073799129473171_n

Supertune Gulf GP

Gulf-GP-1So you like the livery of the Bambini sidecar combo I posted the other day, but don’t need a sidecar? Well there’s a Supertune GP on eBay that might float your boat. That lever sticking out from the sidepanel? A custom heel/toe rear brake. Here it is on eBayGulf-GP-2 Gulf-GP-3 Gulf-GP-4 Gulf-GP-5 Gulf-GP-6 Gulf-GP-7 Gulf-GP
There’s that eBay link again.

 While I was nosing around on eBay, I found this original Vintage Gulf Racing jacket (from the 1971 racing season), which would set off the scoot nicely! Here’s the link.GulfRacingJacket-1


Classy classic combo

Gulf Racing themed Lambretta Sidecar COmbinationThe Gulf Racing colours of pale blue and bright orange are a classic and recognisable combination that work so well together.  I’ve seen them on many vehicles, from Porches to Beetles, Mini’s, bikes and a fair few scoots over the years. But I think this is the first time I’ve seen them on a Lambretta sidecar combination.  In my ever so humble opinion, it works. And it’s for sale on eBay. The scooter (a GP 150) has been upgraded to with a GT 186 kit, so should pull that Watsonian along nicely. It’s on eBay here. But be quick, the auction ends today.Gulf-Bambini-2-6-9-2014Gulf Bambini GP Gulf-Bambini-3-6-9-2014 Gulf-Bambini-4-6-9-2014 Gulf-Bambini-5-6-9-2014
Here’s that link again