Woodsy’s pics

scooter17I’ve feature the work of Paul “Woodsy” Wood a couple of times before… videos of both EuroLambretta and the LCGB 60th Anniversary Rally at Shipson on Stour… but I’ve never featured his still images before. These days, everyone with a camera phone is “a photographer” …but not everybody has the eye. In my humble opinion Woodsy has… in bucket loads. What do you think?

Back Camera scooter8 scooter9 scooter13 scooter14 scooter16

Paul is from Manchester and rides with the Manchester Lyons SC. For more Woodsy; check out his website here, or his movies on YouTube or Vimeo.scooter15 scooter6 scooter4 scooter2 scooter1


2 thoughts on “Woodsy’s pics

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