Scomadi Promotional Video

If you didn’t want a Scomadi before seeing this video, you probably will after. The section where the Scomadi rides alongside the GP is genius, you can make a really good comparison between the two Marques, and see just how much GP DNA there is in the Scomadi bloodline. It sits a little higher than the Italian original, and lets be brutally honest, it’s not quite as stunningly beautiful, but it comes pretty close.  I’m sold.

The video was created by Paul “Woodsy” Wood of Manchester Lyons SC. Long time readers of the blog might remember his excellent video of Eurolambretta 2013  Avignon, and his scooter photography. If you haven’t seen them, click the relevant links, cos you really ought to.

But If, having seen this video, you want to stop fitting about on this blog and just buy a Scomadi, you can register your details here.


Some Alpine riding with The Jetsons

Some great Austrian scenery on the way to EuroLambretta 2014 Davos, in Switzerland. Those roads look fantastic to ride on! Footage by, and of, The Jetsons Lambretta Club.

Pics from the Glasgow Mod Weekender 2014? Show Me!

There’s a lot for me to like it this collection of pics from the Glasgow Mod Weekender rideout… 1.Glasgiow is the city of my birth, and the home of my fitba team (the Mighty Jags!), ics if the the scoots, obviously, and one of my favourite, Dexy’s tracks as a sound track. What’s not to like!

Washing the lammie…

Washing the Lammie… sounds like a euphemism, or is that just my mucky mind? Anyway here’s a nice little vid, selling t-shirts, and I can’t think of a better way of selling them than getting an attractive young lady to wear one while washing a Lambretta. Brought to you by the guys at Scooterist.

Raduno Nazionale Lambretta 2012 Video

Beautifully, really beautifully shot video of the Italian National Lambretta Rally. Lovely piano soundtrack, that really works. Stunning. Watch it in full screen, please. That’s it, other than I found it on Vimeo, and it’s by RDigital Salerno

Kölner Nachtfahrt

So… From Colombia to Cologne… A Nachtfahrt translates as “Night Crossing” …think I prefer Nachtfahrt! Another nice rideout vid, anyways. So, read Lambrettista, and you get to see the world, and some scoots, from the comfort of your armchair! Nice to hear that extended cut of Move On Up again too.