An Aberdonian abroad

The LCAGary sent me some pics of himself and a bunch of mates from Aberdeen… a loose affiliation of lambretta lovers from the Granite City who call themselves the LCA whenever they meet up. This is just a few of the bunch, but there’s some seriously nice scoots there!


Gary’s currently resident in Vietnam, and scooted up to the Da Nang Rally last month, an excellent run… and looks like there’s a wee bit more sunshine than in Aberdeen, eh Gary?


4Nations Lambretta Rally 2014

The Ulster Lambretta Club hosts the 4Nations rally in Ballycastle inviting members of the Lambretta clubs of Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland to the north Anrtim coast for the weekend with a rideout to Portrush, a custom show, plenty of music, drink and craic.

Highland TV


I was sent this fantastic pic last week, by Steve Mason.  Although I have been a fan of his music for a while now, (He was the lead singer and one of the founding embers of the Beta Band, more recently releasing musing as King Biscuit Time, Black Affair, and under his own name) for some reason I never had him down as a Lambrettista. In fact he’s been riding Lambrettas since 1987… his first being a “bucket” of a SX 150 he picked up for £175. We all know that £175 was a lot more in 1987, but you can’t help thinking “those we the days!”

If you want to catch Steve Mason live, At the Festival No. 6 in Portmerion, and then he’s at the Blackheath Festival.  After that he is DJing at The Social in Little Portland Street, London W1, on Saturday 13th September. You can follow him on Twitter @SteveMasonKBT or on his website.

In the meantime, here’s a track off his last Album, Monkey Minds In The Devils Time.

Pics from the Glasgow Mod Weekender 2014? Show Me!

There’s a lot for me to like it this collection of pics from the Glasgow Mod Weekender rideout… 1.Glasgiow is the city of my birth, and the home of my fitba team (the Mighty Jags!), ics if the the scoots, obviously, and one of my favourite, Dexy’s tracks as a sound track. What’s not to like!

Lambretta Club of Scotland – Celtic Dash 2014

Lambretta Club Scotland Celtic Dash Flyer

Entries are closing soon (June 2nd) for the Celtic Dash, The Lambretta Club of Scotland’s 137 mile scoot across Scotland, from Oban to Melrose. If you’re interested in joining them, you’d better be quick. For full event programme, and to register, click here.

Quick note to English Lambrettista… if the SNP get their way over Independence, this might be your last chance to do this run without a passport 🙂

Personally, being a PTFC fan, I’d rather the event was renamed to the “Thistle Run”. But that’s a rather weak football joke, so if you don’t get it, don’t worry.

Proper Mod TV. And it could be yours.

Mod TV175
So, if you read the Richard Barnes Mod! book that I posted about a few days ago, or you’ve watched Quadrophenia recently, and you’ve decided a Mod Lambretta is the way to go, IMHO you couldn’t do much worse that buying this little beauty, a fully loaded, chromed and accessorised TV175. The secret, again, in my ever so humble opinion, is taste. Knowing when to stop. Knowing exactly what accessories (absolutely period perfect of course) to include, and what to leave off. And if these pics are ringing any bells, it may be that you’ve either seen the scoot in the flesh, or in one of the articles about it in Scootering. It’s even been a cover star on that esteemed publication.
$_58-4   $_58-7  $_58-9

Read the eBay description for the full story of this cracker, read the Mods! book, Check out my Scooterist Miscellany links for clobber and the like, and you’ll be the big wheel on the scene, making all the other cats look like third-class tickets.

If your interested, there’s a load more pics and information over on eBay. Here’s the link

EuroLambretta 2013 – England Win on turnout!

3LionsSeries3Figures in from Avignon…
These are the registered attendees at EuroLambretta 2013

Total from UK; (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland): 360!
Incidentally, I bet there are some Welsh boys there. Let me know!

Total from the British Isles… as above, plus Ireland… 368!

Good turnout.

Serious well done for anyone that rode there. And bear in mind some countries are smaller than others, and some are further away… big respect for the Yanks and the Aussies, and Chris from South Africa.

Lowlanders SC 15th Anniversary Run

RIght, so the blog has seen a dearth of updates lately… largely due to work and family commitments. In fact, this is my first post of 2013, which makes my personal target of at least one good post a week seem little a little poor.

Anyway… on to the good news. With the worst of the winter behind us (surely!!) and the days getting longer, if not that much warmer… the 2013 scootering season is kicking off. One of my plans for teh blog is to have a calendar of events, and here’s one for your dairy to start things off. It’s not until the middle of June so there’s plenty of time to make arrangements!


One of the reasons I’m posting this is that I designed the flyer… well, after all that’s my day job. BTW, if you run a club and want a logo, t-shirt or flyer done… drop me a line. Or if you’ve got an event you want publised, do likewise. email

My mate Iain, now resident in the beatiful Scottish borders rides with the Lowlanders, and it’s a part of the world I know reasonably well… having relatives in the wonderfully named village of Ecclefechan. I’ve holidayed near Portpatrick too… and it’s a great little harbour town… but they won’t know what’s hit them when the scooters arrive! So if you fancy a run away from some of the more usual destinations this summer bear it in mind.

There. First post of 2013 done. Wasn’t hard was it? More to come soon. Promise.