Lambretta Brand

While the various holders of the copyright to the Lambretta brand name slug it out in court, here’s a few links…

Lambretta Consortium
The global holder of the Lambretta trademark. Involved in legal ‘discussions’ with the makers of the ‘new lambretta’.

Lambretta Store
Clothing, headgear, footwear, suits, helmets, watches, socks, art, accessories… Lambretta style.

Lambretta Clothing

Lambretta Watches
Lambretta branded timepieces with a retro feel.

“New” (or not so new) Lambretta

Lambretta Motorcycle
Information about the “new Lambrettas” …the LJ, LT and LN Range.
At the time of (re)writing, this website is defunct, but I’ve left it up, in case anything interesting occurs. Feel free to check it out – let me know if it’s live or updated!