Scooter Clubs



3 Aces Scooter Club Nuneaton

60s Scooter Club Surrey

A259 South Coasters SC Eastbourne

A2 Aces Scooter Club East Antrim based classic scooter club (NI)

Abingdon Bad Company SC

Airdrie Unwanted SC 

All Or Nothing SC Coventry

The Animals Fae Naboombu SC

Angry Pirates SC

Armed Forces Scooter Club Our boys (and girls) serving Queen and Country. And riding scooters.

Awfully Pleasant Scooter Association

Bar Italia SC  The best coffee bar in Soho, no, London, now has it’s own Scooter Club!

Bats SC One of London’s most venerable Scooter Clubs, around since 1953!

Berwick Bulldogs SC

Big7 SC Sevenoaks, Kent.

Billy No Mates SC

Birkenhead Cloud 9 SC

Birmingham Daytrippers SC

Black Country Deltas SC

Black Country Steelers SC

Bolton Roadrunners SC

Bolton Spartans SC

Boston SC

Braintree Breakfast SC

Bristol Mod SC

Bullseye SC Sussex

Burton Brewers SC

Buzzards SC Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

City of Liverpool SC

Cheshire Cats SC

Chorley Scorpions SC

Coasters SC Suffolk / Essex

Colchester District Vespa & Lambretta Club

Combat Stress Tri-Forces Scooter Club

Clyde Valley SC Lanarkshire’s longest established scooter club

Dalkeith & District SC

Doncaster Hunters SC

Doughboys SC Northants

Edinburgh Blues SC

Elms SC London

El Scorcio SC

Essex Alliance Classic SC 

F.A.B. Scooter Club Hornchurch & Romford, Essex

Falkirk SC 

Falkirk Steeple SC 

Gildersome Pheonix SC Leeds

Friday Club SC 

Gravesend Sentinels SC

Glasgow Globetrotters SC Glesga’s premier scoota club noo oan facebook!

Gosport SC

Hindley Stateside SC

Immediate SC – London

Invicta SC – Kent

Isle of Man SC

Isle of Wight SC

Jersey SC

Leicester Alliance SC

Leicester Phoenix SC

Leeds Crusaders SC

Liverpool SC

Lincoln Knights SC

Lost Souls SC Woking & Guildford

Lowlanders SC SW Scotland

Madhatters Scooter Riding Club

Manchester Lyons SC Long established club – celebrated their 60th year in 2014!

Mansfield Detours SC 

Midland Misfits SC

Modrapheniacs SC  Poole, Dorset

Mods’n’Casuals SC

Mods and Sods SC Skegness

Moving Scene SC Hull

New Forest SC

New Originals SC North London

Nite Owls SC Manchester Est. 1978

Northern Templars SC

Nottingham SC

Nottingham Knights SC

Northern Ireland Scooter Alliance

Northamptonshire Vespa & Lambretta Scooter Club

North Shropshire Scooter Club

North Wales & Borders Alliance

Odd Mod Squad SC SE London & North Kent

Old Bastards SC
For those that keep on keepin’ on.

The Outer Circle SC Stoke on Trent

Patriots SC Basildon, Essex

Pilgrims SC Bedford & Area

Real Deal SCNow disbanded – See The Wanderers SC

Pogue Mahone SC Darwen, Lancashire

Red Kites SC Thame Oxfordshire

Royal Borough SC Windsor (“Friends of” Facebook page)

Rotherham SC

Salford Knights


Severnside Lions SC Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Shameless SC Manchester Area

Sheffield Aces SC

Shropshire Lads’n’Lasses SC

Sid James SC

Sittingbourne Knights SC

Solent Cougars SC Southampton Area

Solid Bond SC

Soul Survivors SC Wales

South Birmingham SC

South Coast Pirates SC Based in Margate, Kent

South London Revival SC Based in Mitcham

Tejanos SC North Scotland

Tin Soldiers SC Milton Keynes

Torbay Mods SC Devon

Treakletown SC

Trojan SC Morcambe, Lancashire. Since 1968

Upsetters Scooter Club South London

Vintage Motor Scooter Club Dedicated to the salvation, preservation and restoration (where necessary) of all classic scooters.

Virgin Soldiers SC Addlestone, Walton & Hersham (“Friends of” Facebook page)

The Virtual Scooter Club For solo scooterists, or those who don’t necessarily belong to an actual club (Facebook Group)

Wakefield Olutlaws SC

The Wanderers SC Dover / Deal

Warwickshire Scooter Alliance

Westgate Runners SC

Weston Scooter Club North Somerset

Woolybacks Scooter Club

Wreckin’ Targets SC

York Inset Scooter Club Yorkshire



Irish Scootergirls Alliance SC

Flintstones Scooter ClubCo.Kildare

Mustapha Beer Scooter Club

Southern Lions Scooter Club Limmerick / Fermoy / Shannon / Tipperary

Northwest Alliance  Bad Samaritans, Northern Coasters and Suited & Booted Scooter Clubs


The Explorers 2 Stroke Scooter Club


Primavera Scooter Club


Ace of Spades Pisa

Full of Gas Scooter Team

Insubiaconi Scooter Club

Lebowski Scooter Gang Vallecominica

Sudigiri Scootergang Trento


A33 Scooterclub
Out of Paderborn, Germany, British & German scooterists

Blues SC

Hidden Power SC

Highlanders SC

Indicators SC

Kulturbanausen RC

Morlocks Scooter Gang

Pacemakers SC

Sabberkoeppe RC

Red Berets SC

Scythemen SC

South Palatine SC

Speedbreed SC

Tarmac Spirits SC

Tortured Maniacs SC

Welfen RC


Finnish Scooterclub


Dutch Lions Scooter Club

Scooterclub Flying Dutchman Oudenaarde


Blues Scooter Club

The Restless  Scooter Club

Trondheim og Omegn Scooter Klubb


Ruters de Mallorca

Moto Club Berraco

Scooter Club Almeria

Scooter Club Girona

Scooter Club Madrid


Blacksmiths Scooter Club

Mondo Scooter Club

SSK Swedish Scooter Club


Swiss Blues Scooter Club



Canetoads SC Brisbane

Paradise Lost SC West Coast

The Melbourne Scooter Connection

South Australia SC

Sydney City SC

Wild Dog Creek SC Collingwood, Victoria


Scooteria Paulista Sao Paulo


Crude City SC Edmonton, Alberta

Halifax Scooter Council Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jaguars SC Calgary Edmonton Vancouver Ames London

New Zealand

Southern Scoot based in Invercargill, Southland,  NZ.

Sri Lanka


Ceylon Scooter Club


Navigator Scooter Club

US of A

7 Hills SCRichmond VA

Boston Stranglers SC

Bottle Rocket SC Denver, Colorado

Burgundy Topz SCSacramento, California

Chequered Demons SC NYC

Columbus Cutters SC Ohio

Firkin Scooter Club

Indianapolis SC  Indiana

Lucky Bastards Scooter Club Portland, Oregon

Mighty Ohio Scooter Club

New York Scooter Club

Peak Scooter Club Colorado Springs

Pride of Cleveland Scooter Club

Rovers Vintage Scooter Club Detroit • Windsor • Cleveland

The Regulars Vintage SC Minnesota

San Francisco Scooter Girls Any Girl, any scooter. In San Francisco, obviously.

Scooters of Bellingham Bellingham, Washington.

Seven Hills Scooter Club Richmond, Virginia.

Soldiers of Destiny Seattle  Washington.

South Bay SC Southern California

Top Dead Centre SC Ridin’ out  of, Eugene,  Oregon.

Turnbull  DC’s Washington DC

Two Bit Scooter Club Ogden, Utah

Twist & Play Scooter Club Open to cyclists, moped riders, modern and vintage scooters
in Portland, Oregon, USA

Vesparados Vespa Club of Santa Barbera

 The Darkside

Vespa Club of Great Britain
If you must.

Other Marques

An A-Z… ok, not all the letters…

Agrati Capri  – Not a club as such, but lots of great info about this lovely little scooter

Dürkopp Diana – Facebook page

Glas Club International – For lovers of the Goggo Scooter

Heinkel Trojan Owners Club

Maico Owners Club

Moto Rumi Club

NSU Scooters – Dutch site, but Google Chrome does a good translation job.

Osa Scooters – Polish site dedicated to the “Polish Wasp” – The Osa.

Triumph Scooters – Info about Triumph Tina, T10 and Tigress Scooters, as well as the BSA Sunbeam counterpart.

Zündapp Bella

Are YOU in a scooter club I haven’t listed?

Want to be included? Get in touch with your details, and I’ll happily include you in the list above for FREE. I only list clubs with a website or Facebook page, so if you haven’t got one, sort it out!

If you would like an enhanced listing, with your club logo, a banner and a club profile on the main blog, get in touch at – I’ll do that for £25 a year. A bargain!

Links wrong or broken?

As far as I know, all the links above work, I try to check them regularly once in a while (!) and update or remove any broken or expired ones. If you find one that doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll fix or remove them. You can use the comments area below or email me at

If I’ve linked to your site, I’d really appreciate a reciprocal link back to mine. Thanks in advance!


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