Always look on the bright side of life…

Although I’m rather cheesed off about my scooter, I’m reminded that things could always be worse, it could have been nicked, or this could have happened to it. At least that lovely S°1 (as they write it in Italy) got a proper Viking send off. 



Bad news, my Series 2, after about 18 months of virtually trouble free service, siezed the other day.

Which is a right pain as it is my main way of getting to and from work. 

So, I’m going to have to get the spanners out, and with the help of Sticky’s manual, and a Sausage Speed DVD, try and fix it. Now I’m no expert mechanic, but I’m going to give it a go… hopefully I won’t make things worse! Maybe post some pics of the work in progress here. Wish me luck!

Model Lambrettas

A bit late for Christmas, but here are a couple of Lambretta models I found on Amazon. I was in two minds about posting links to Amazon as I had bit  had a bit of a run-in with them before the festivities, regarding Vittoria Tessera’s Lambretta book… but I’ll post about that another time. And on balance, I thought you, my fellow Lambrettisti, would be interested.


Although you can find plenty of model Vespa’s out there, model Lambrettas have always been harder to find, and especially the more popular models… you would have thought there would be a good market for TV175’s, SX’s and GP’s; I’d certainly buy them!



Links: LD & sidecar, LD & Girl,  Model D, Lancia Lambretta Service Van.

Nice Brazilian Scooter Restoration video(s!)

Nice transformation video posted by Guilherme Piva of a S2 “rat racer” to a custom cutdown. Crazy exhaust! Stay tuned at the end for a couple of Xispa shots!

UPDATE: Since my original posting, Guilherme has been in touch with me, with a link to a second video:

and told me that his dad runs a scooter restoration business in San Paulo –  Fenix Restauração de Lambretta, whose website is here. There are some very nice restorations, Brazilian style… See some of the after pics posted below. For the “befores” you’ll have to visit the website.


via Basque Radical Mods blog

Stolen Scooters Alert

Darren Williams has had four scooters nicked from his garage, in Hartley Witney (between Basingstoke and Camberley)  last night, Wednesday 11th of January. 

The stolen scooters are as follows


Lambretta LiS S3, 1966; Gold, pathfinder spots and a Mugello 225 (only just re-lined and new piston!)

Vespa GS 1964, White, North American non-Battery model (no ignition in headset is an easy spot)

Vespa GS 1964, Black, with a PX200 engine.

Vespa Sprint 1967, Pastel green, witha PX166 Malossi, registered as a sprint, trapezoid headlight, it has no toolbox space in panel (as per the ss180, and motovespas).

There are some very nice, and very recognisable scooters there. If you see them for sale, of if you hear anything that could help him recover them, any info would be gratefullly received. His mobile is 07917 244472. Or you can contact Farnborough Police Station on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

I hope Darren gets his scoots back. If you have had your scooter stolen, remember the Lambretta Clubs’ Stolen Scooter Registry. And drop me a line too ( and I’ll stick it up on here. You never know, every little helps.

If I had a Hammer…


I’d hammer in the morning, and the evening! Found this rather nice Lambretta AF Rayspeed Rapido 250, on eBay, ideal for the supporter of a certain East London Assosication Footaball team. Currently on the Isle of Wight, with a classified price of £5k. 

Here’s the link.

Got a scooter? There’s an App for that.


If you’ve got a scooter, and you’ve got an iPhone, you might want to download the Scootlife App by Anthone Campbell. It allows you to track trips, locate where you parked your scooter, setup service notifications as well as manage your maintenance logs. More info on the iTunes App Store, or Anthone’s website. I haven’t tested it, so I’m not vouching for it… but at $0.99c you haven’t got a great deal to loose!

Via Johnny Scoots.