Stolen Scooters Alert

Darren Williams has had four scooters nicked from his garage, in Hartley Witney (between Basingstoke and Camberley)  last night, Wednesday 11th of January. 

The stolen scooters are as follows


Lambretta LiS S3, 1966; Gold, pathfinder spots and a Mugello 225 (only just re-lined and new piston!)

Vespa GS 1964, White, North American non-Battery model (no ignition in headset is an easy spot)

Vespa GS 1964, Black, with a PX200 engine.

Vespa Sprint 1967, Pastel green, witha PX166 Malossi, registered as a sprint, trapezoid headlight, it has no toolbox space in panel (as per the ss180, and motovespas).

There are some very nice, and very recognisable scooters there. If you see them for sale, of if you hear anything that could help him recover them, any info would be gratefullly received. His mobile is 07917 244472. Or you can contact Farnborough Police Station on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

I hope Darren gets his scoots back. If you have had your scooter stolen, remember the Lambretta Clubs’ Stolen Scooter Registry. And drop me a line too ( and I’ll stick it up on here. You never know, every little helps.


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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