Ever fancied running your own Lambretta workshop?


Then there’s the ideal opportunity over on eBay… the owners of Fanatic Scooters in Bristol are selling up… and you can buy there entire stock of classic scooter parts (70% Lambretta), as well as admin, and all trading components for just shy of £8k. Which seems a worth it bargain to me. If you stick Lambretta into eBay, and search by price you’ll find two scooters going for more than that!
(Although don’t get TOO excited… scooters pictured aren’t included in the sale… that’s would be too good to be true!) 

If I was a bit better with the spanners, I’d seriously consider it. In fact, with the number of Lambretta owners around here, and the lack of a good, local scooter shop it would make a lot of sense. Hmm… maybe I’ll talk to a few people…

If you’re interested, the link is here with all the details. 


Around Rome on a classic Lambretta…

From the series Drake’s Passage – where pro motorbike rider Drake McElroy tours the world and does stuff. In this episode he visits Bologna and rides a Ducati, then onto Rome where he goes to gladiator school. But readers of this blog might want to skip all this stuff and skip to 5:18 point in the video where he rides a classic Lambretta around Rome. The most authentic part of it all is where you see him pushing and bumping the Lammy… classic!

Stuff from the new Lambretta Store… (Ideal for Lambretta loving dads)

I wrote about the new online Lambretta store a few posts back… Thought I’d flag up a few bits they have for sale. Remember, as an opening offer you get a free gift (stickers, a wallet or a tin, depending on how much you spend), and entry into a competition to win a new Lambretta.

So they have ‘tonic style’ suits, (my quote marks) they call this one ‘green’, although I’d probably name it ‘petrol’… £240


Hats… this one is 2p short of a tenner


Watches from £40 – £325 – my favourite would probaly be the Franco Black that comes in at a not too expensive £70, and has the look of a classic Braun design.


There’s a selection of other bits and bobs below, like afterhave, badges, keyrings and notebooks, at more ‘pocket money’ prices. It’s Father’s Day on Saturday, correction… it’s Sunday… in case you hadn’t rembembered. Just saying.


Get them all online here. 



Possibly the best scooter club rally video yet?

If you know anybody who doesn’t ‘get’ the whole scooter ‘thing’… get them to watch this video. If they still don’t get it, there’s no hope for them. Created for the Lebowski Scooter Gang, it’s to highlight their 7th Camuno Scooter Rally, 29th June – 1st July 2012. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty cool event – set within medieval castle walls with all the usual music, fun and froclics that accomany these things… I wish I could go! More about the event; here. (In Italian, but hey, there’s always Google Translate). 

Back to the video… doesn’t that GP look great in front of all those Vespas! (there’s another Lambretta in the pack too). And if this isn’t the coolest vid produced by a scooter club, let me know what is, and I’ll feature it on the blog.

Find out more about the Lebowski Scooter Gang here

Via the RetroScooterGarage bog.


Laurent Callot Photographies


I found this fella via the Lambretta Club de France Facebook page, he would appear to be;
A) French. B) A photographer C) Intersted in Lambrettas D) Also interested in young ladies with a ‘well turned ankle’, usually wearing stockings. Nothing wrong with that.


Nice images anyway… some great quirky shots of the scooters at the “3 eme rassemblement national Lambretta”. Check out his Facebook page here.


(I know the last one’s not a Lambretta).