Ever fancied running your own Lambretta workshop?


Then there’s the ideal opportunity over on eBay… the owners of Fanatic Scooters in Bristol are selling up… and you can buy there entire stock of classic scooter parts (70% Lambretta), as well as admin, and all trading components for just shy of £8k. Which seems a worth it bargain to me. If you stick Lambretta into eBay, and search by price you’ll find two scooters going for more than that!
(Although don’t get TOO excited… scooters pictured aren’t included in the sale… that’s would be too good to be true!) 

If I was a bit better with the spanners, I’d seriously consider it. In fact, with the number of Lambretta owners around here, and the lack of a good, local scooter shop it would make a lot of sense. Hmm… maybe I’ll talk to a few people…

If you’re interested, the link is here with all the details. 


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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