Lambretta Service Man on eBay

Lambretta Service Man

$_3-1These little beauties come up occasionally on eBay, and I always think they’s make the perfect gift for any Lambretta enthusiast. They were originally a promotional items for Lambretta clothing stores. I think it’s a real headturner… and in fact the head does turn from left to right. This one started at £20, and it’s already up to over £100, with 9 days to go. Here’s the ebay link.


Stuff from the new Lambretta Store… (Ideal for Lambretta loving dads)

I wrote about the new online Lambretta store a few posts back… Thought I’d flag up a few bits they have for sale. Remember, as an opening offer you get a free gift (stickers, a wallet or a tin, depending on how much you spend), and entry into a competition to win a new Lambretta.

So they have ‘tonic style’ suits, (my quote marks) they call this one ‘green’, although I’d probably name it ‘petrol’… £240


Hats… this one is 2p short of a tenner


Watches from £40 – £325 – my favourite would probaly be the Franco Black that comes in at a not too expensive £70, and has the look of a classic Braun design.


There’s a selection of other bits and bobs below, like afterhave, badges, keyrings and notebooks, at more ‘pocket money’ prices. It’s Father’s Day on Saturday, correction… it’s Sunday… in case you hadn’t rembembered. Just saying.


Get them all online here. 



New Online Lambretta (brand) Store goes live… Win a Lambretta, and get free gifts.


Fresh up today, the new online store for all that Lambretta branded stuff. Headwear, Suits, Watches, Accessories… some of it’s good, some of it’s ok, some of it misses the mark for me. I’ve written about that all before, here, I won’t cover old ground!

Interesting opening offers though; make any purchase  before the end of the year and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a brand new Lambretta (not the beautiful Series 2 shown… boo!). There’s also some free stuff with your order… stickers, wallets, and a jubilee bus tin. 

Remember, although these guys own the Lambretta brand, and the rights to put the Lambretta name to everything from aftershave to socks (I’ve got some socks, they’re not bad), they’re not the only game in town… and you can get some great stuff from the Lambretta Club of Great Britain (LCGB) Shop. Here.

Check out the Lambretta Store here.

Must do better


“The new Lambretta fragrance, L47 takes its name from the first year the world famous Lambretta scooters coasted off the production line.”

Now, I’ve got no problem with taking an iconic brand, and (marketing speak coming up, apologies) ‘leveraging’ it into different categories. The owners of the Lambretta brand name have clearly made quite a few quid from doing just that.

What I do object to is prostituting a brands heritage… some superficial research has come up with the fact that Innocenti made their first Lambretta model in 1947. Can’t be bothered to find an image for that original, “Model A” Lambretta? Not a problem. Use a silhouette of a generic, modern scooter instead. No one will notice. Hmm. Doesn’t quite work. I know… take the front wheel off, and replace it with a ‘mod roundel’. There we go… perfick!

Now I know, Lambretta riders aren’t the target market of the people making this product, but with a little more research, and a little more thought, this packaging could have been a lot better. To those that own and love the Lambretta, the vast majority of these ‘brand extensions’ are simply a joke. They offend me as a Lambretta rider, and it offends me as a designer. It’s just lazy, if you are going to play the heritage card with your brand… for goodness sake get it right… or at least tell a consistent, congruent story.

I may well get one of these sets for Christmas (I got some Lambretta socks last year!), but I know one thing… I’m chucking the box away.

Sorry for the small picture. If I find a bigger one I’ll post it.

EDIT: Just a thought… if anybody involved in Lambretta branding wants a “sense check” on this kind of stuff, I am available… I’ve got a pretty unusual skillset – for my ‘day job’ I am Creative Head at a Design and Marketing agency specialising in Branding, Corporate Id, and Packaging… So I’d be happy to be involved (for a small fee, naturally) in helping you make sure future faux pas such as this one are avoided. The email is 

Genuine Trojan helmets


I know open face helmets aren’t up everybody’s street… but I wear one. And there are some great options to choose from these days. I featured the St. Georges cross version of Heritage Helmets impressive Lambretta range a while back. Now they’ve added to the range with a  mashup with the truly iconic record label Trojan. Anyone who who’s there British reggae will know Trojan records… a brand synonymous with early ska, rocksteady and soulful reggae. So these helmets make a strong statement about your musical tastes… whatever flavour of Lambrettista you are…  mod, skinhead or suedehead… or just a Lambretta riding reggae fan. Hell, there’s even a version you could get away with if you ride a V*spa!. Although for full effect I suggest you ride an orange DL/GP! For the full spec, and the full range, check out the Heritage Helmets website
UPDATED with new high res imagery, 3/8/11

Caterham 7 Lambretta Special Edition


I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but here goes. As branding tie-ins goes, I don’t think Lambretta has always got it right over the last few years, but occasionally, they hit the nail right on the head. 


This is a link up between two iconic brands… Lambretta & Caterham, and I think they both come out of it winners.

The union jack livery, which could have looked oh so cheesy, has been applied with a bit of a twist which really works well, and it’s the look has been carried through to the interior; seats, dash, carpets… even the boot.
It’ll be a tad faster than my old Series 2 as well, it’s powered by a 1.6 Litre Ford Sigma engine that will go from 0-60 in 6 seconds. 


On sale in 2010 for £26, 995, you’d need to be pretty flush to get one, but it is kinda lovely. 
More info here