FarGo… New Scooter Dealership for 2Tone City

FargoScootersFargo Village in Coventry is an eclectic mix of creative businesses – (think Brick Lane / Camden Market) and has been joined by  an emporium for local scooter enthusiasts… Fargo Scooters. The shop is stones throw from the Hand & Heart pub, a frequent haunt of Coventry’s famous 2Tone bands The Selecter & The Specials in the 70’s. As well as having workshops to repair and restore scooters the shop is ositioning itself as an emporium for vintage and new clothes… it’s also a cool place to just hang out. If you’re in the area, I’d say it’s worth a visit… Via The Coventry Telegraph

Check out their Facebook Page, Here.



Genuine Trojan helmets


I know open face helmets aren’t up everybody’s street… but I wear one. And there are some great options to choose from these days. I featured the St. Georges cross version of Heritage Helmets impressive Lambretta range a while back. Now they’ve added to the range with a  mashup with the truly iconic record label Trojan. Anyone who who’s there British reggae will know Trojan records… a brand synonymous with early ska, rocksteady and soulful reggae. So these helmets make a strong statement about your musical tastes… whatever flavour of Lambrettista you are…  mod, skinhead or suedehead… or just a Lambretta riding reggae fan. Hell, there’s even a version you could get away with if you ride a V*spa!. Although for full effect I suggest you ride an orange DL/GP! For the full spec, and the full range, check out the Heritage Helmets website
UPDATED with new high res imagery, 3/8/11

Team S Equipe T-shirt


Love the simplicity of this shirt. One for those ‘in the know’ about classic Lambretta racing.

Trust me, if you’re thinking of buying a t-shirt with a ‘mod’ roundeland a sillouette of a scoooter  on it,  don’t. Buy this instead. You’ll thank me in years to come.
Available here.  Alternativley, pop over to I’m Scooterist. They’ve got some nice stuff too.

Scooter gear – Hi viz amoured waterproof jacket


Well, this is as much ‘biker’s gear” as scooterists – it’s a far cry from the traditional mod attire of fishtail parka, or the scooterists jacket of choice the MA1.
But it does it’s job. And it does it bloody well. I bought mine off eBay in November, and wore it throughout the winter. It didn’t leak, on even the wettest of days.It has removable body armour, which coupled with the hi-viz green/yellow colour and genuine 3M Scotchlite trim along the arms make you feel much safer, and more visible.
now the sun has come out I’ve zipped out the inner liner, which kept me plenty warm enough even on the coldest days.

It’s got loads of big pockets – including a handy mobile sized one on the chest.
For about 50 + P&P on eBay you can’t really go wrong. Highly recommended.
BTW – this isn’t a paid for testimonial – I bought this jacket with my own pennies.

Available from Aussie Biker’s Gear online shop.