Fine filmage

I came across this movie on Da Nguyen’s “The Scooterist” site, a fine blog which comes out of Vietnam. Nicely shot, it’s clearly a promo for the premium harrington (and other stuff) brand Baracuta, though the promotioanl element is fairly subtle… just the riders standing around in various pastel shade harringtons around the 1minute 10 mark! Nice selection of Lammies on display… although I must admit I lost interst a little during teh surfing segment… not quite my bag! I’m all for packing as much fun into a weekend as possible, but I must be getting a bit old, but a ride down to Woolacombe, a spot of surfing, a bit of Northern in the evening and a ride home the same day would probably be too much for my old bones!

Nice movie by Polymath Films, good soundtrack too.




BMW eSetta concept


I know, I know, it’s been a while. And back I come, not with a Lambretta post at all, but another microcar. What can I say, I love ’em. Messerschmitt’s and Isetta’s particualrly. And like the Smite that I have written about previously, the concept I’m posting about today has obvious DNA of one of those originals, but this time the Isetta.


It’s the work of Tony Weichselbraun, a recent graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Viennna, the eSetta was part of his Diploma, I can’t put it any better than the man himself, so here’s what he says about it on his coroflot page:

“The eSetta is an urban electric vehicle indended as a car sharing platform. It is inductively charged at sharing hubs, thereby eliminating the unfound fear of limited range through empty batteries. Its design is inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta. The front door slides and rotates, allowing passengers to enter and exit the vehicle via sidewalk. By giving the car a highly recognizable and friendly appearance, I intended to reinforce the positive aspects of car sharing.”

Well, I certainly think he’s pulled off freindly… it’s got more than a hint of puppy dog about it… I’d almost expect a wagging tail!, and while I always prefered the 3 wheeled variant of the original Isetta, four works pretty good here, I can see that it uses the available cabin space better. Tiny wheels though! So, would I choose this (in the unlikely event of it ever going into production), or my pevious favoutrite, the Smite? A bit of an accademic question, as neither look like they’ll be on sale any time soon. But if they both were, lets just say it would be a close run thing.


Tenuos Lambretta link? (apart from the “etta” suffix), this kind reminds me of the way the Fido electric scooter concept kinda looked like a model D, as I poster way back.