Lambretta LN lands in Vietnam


Here in the UK, we sometimes get a bit of a “brit-centric’ view of the world, and scootering in general. And despite it’s obvious Italian origins, and the fact that it was never manufactured in the UK, we feel a certain “ownership” of the Lambretta brand. We love it more than anybody else. Except perhaps the Italians. And of course the Spanish. And the Germans. Ok, the Dutch, French, Swiss, Swedes… you get the picture. But maybe only half the picture… what about the US? There’s a huge scene out there. And Brasil, Chile, Argentina… But one place I hadn’t expected the Lambretta to be quite so popular is the far East… It’s held in high regard across Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam… as can be seen if you follow the reaction to the launch of the new Lambretta LN in Vietnam recently. And either the design is growing on me, or the photographer is rather talented… I’ve never seen the LN looking better than in these shots. I suspect a bit of both.



Must do better


“The new Lambretta fragrance, L47 takes its name from the first year the world famous Lambretta scooters coasted off the production line.”

Now, I’ve got no problem with taking an iconic brand, and (marketing speak coming up, apologies) ‘leveraging’ it into different categories. The owners of the Lambretta brand name have clearly made quite a few quid from doing just that.

What I do object to is prostituting a brands heritage… some superficial research has come up with the fact that Innocenti made their first Lambretta model in 1947. Can’t be bothered to find an image for that original, “Model A” Lambretta? Not a problem. Use a silhouette of a generic, modern scooter instead. No one will notice. Hmm. Doesn’t quite work. I know… take the front wheel off, and replace it with a ‘mod roundel’. There we go… perfick!

Now I know, Lambretta riders aren’t the target market of the people making this product, but with a little more research, and a little more thought, this packaging could have been a lot better. To those that own and love the Lambretta, the vast majority of these ‘brand extensions’ are simply a joke. They offend me as a Lambretta rider, and it offends me as a designer. It’s just lazy, if you are going to play the heritage card with your brand… for goodness sake get it right… or at least tell a consistent, congruent story.

I may well get one of these sets for Christmas (I got some Lambretta socks last year!), but I know one thing… I’m chucking the box away.

Sorry for the small picture. If I find a bigger one I’ll post it.

EDIT: Just a thought… if anybody involved in Lambretta branding wants a “sense check” on this kind of stuff, I am available… I’ve got a pretty unusual skillset – for my ‘day job’ I am Creative Head at a Design and Marketing agency specialising in Branding, Corporate Id, and Packaging… So I’d be happy to be involved (for a small fee, naturally) in helping you make sure future faux pas such as this one are avoided. The email is 

Lambretta club of the month




A new feature this, where I highlight the webiste of a Lambretta owners club from around the world. To kick us off, I go to the spiritual home of the Lambretta, Italy. Liguria in fact, the coastal region of north west Italy famous for it’s beautiful beaches, picturesque little towns, and (altthough I must say most of Italy is famous for this) it’s great food. Liguria is also home to the historic city and seaport of Genoa. You can probably tell, although a proud Scotsman, I am a bit of an Italiaphile, even wearing the country’s tricolour on my bash hat.


So, Lambrettistas, for my first Lambretta Club of the month I bring you The Lambretta Club of Liguria. There’s some great stuff on the website, pics and videos of their various get togethers and events, they even have an annual “Innocenti Day”. But my favourite part has to be what is usually the dullest part of the website… the part where they list the committee – as each of the committee has a caricature of them, astride their Lambretta of course, by the very talented Federico. Great illustrations!  


A scooter with a fringe on top

I can’t seem to get the video to embed from the Britsih Pathé site, but it’s worth clicking through to see the clip. A Great bit of social history from the nifty fifties… a Series I / tent combo. Ideal for rallies, and “so simple even a woman can put it up” Another one found via ScooterDiva. And if a tent is a bit downmarket for you, check out this link for the next level of scooter camping comfort.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…


That’s an early model Lambretta. VERY early…


“Excuse me centurion… could you tell me the way to the nearest Lambretta dealer?”Reminded me of this (Sorry, no scooters).

Gang Girls video

Great vid by Vintage Hair Lounge shot on the streets of Southampton, featuring local scooter clubs, classic cars and burlesque performers! The song is a rather good version of Bang Bang by Miss Annie. Found Via Zeno’s Scooters website… a recently established up Lambretta and Vespa specialist also down Southampton way. 

Can you help Chris trace his dad’s TV200?


I know this is a longshot, but… a friend of mine is trying to track down this lovely TV200 that his dad used to own… It’s a 1964ish model, and had quite a distinctive orange/off white paint job. The TV200 wasn’t the most common of Lambrettas, so there’s more than a chance of somebody out there recalling it. It was sold in the late 60’s in Harlow in Essex. The Reg no (as you can see in the photo is LRO 124C. The DVLA has no current record of it… can any of you lot help? Maybe you owned it, or knew someone who did? Maybe it’s in your shed… leave a comment, or drop me an email to