Stolen scooter?


If you have the misfortune to have your scooter nicked… Get it registered on the Lambretta Club of Great Britain’s National Stolen Scooter Registry

I can’t write it any clearer than they do themselves… so here goes… ” [The NSSR] is a detailed list of scooters or scooter parts stolen from owners in the UK. This information is provided by the owner in the hope that scooterists at large can help them recover their property by being vigilant and notifying them (or myself) should you become aware of stolen property that appears in the “LCGB National Stolen Scooter Registry“.

I urge you to contact me should you have any STRONG suspicion regarding any purchase, particularly on sites such as Ebay to check any potential purchase does not appear on the LCGB National Stolen Scooter Registry. All information received is treated in the strictest confidence.


Paul Slack – LCGB Webmaster/NSSR Representative

And good luck in getting your pride and joy back.

More Lambretta art


Here’s a wonderful Lambretta illustration I stumbled across on Flickr, by smallish fish. There’s a load of rubbish scooter art out there, but this would look great on a canvas on any Lambrettista’s wall. Yvie is the talented designer behind the drawing, get in touch, and bung her a few quid, I’m sure she’ll be happy. And if you like her style, you can by her little book of nonsense poems, drawing and photographs, for the heady sum of £2.50 from here.

Lambretta Fine Art


Bit of culture for you, Lambrettaphiles… some fine art Indian artist Haribaabu Naatesan. “Using mostly electronic waste (e-waste) from gadgets and gizmos like motherboards, floppy discs, CD drivers, cellphones, CDs, etc, artist Haribaabu Naatesam reassembles them together to create incredible works of art. Aiming to liberate waste from its lowly condemned position, Naatesam breathes new life into junk pieces turning them into everything from birds and crabs to shoes and transportation.” Call me shallow, but I like it ‘cs it’s got a scooter in it! 🙂


A Love Song to the Lambretta

Unfortunately my Italian is limited to Ciao, espresso and tagliattelle, because I’s love to know what these guys are singing about. One thing that comes across is it is a musical tribute to the worlds finest motor scooter! 
Any Italian speakers want to send me a translation of the lyric? 
Find out more about the band behind the song The Orchestr Liscio Simpatia here: