Rockers. For Mods.

Lambretta RockerSo the headline was a bit obvious, and as Lambrettisti, we sometimes get a bit wary of all being tagged as mods… Anyway, on with the post. I’ve seen this sort of thing before… but as a much more generic type scooter. This is identifiably a Lammie. Made to order, to your spec, colour and model for a mere £140, this isn’t some piece of plastic tat… It’s an opportunity to indoctrinate your offspring (or niece, nephew, grandchild, godchild… whatever) in the way of the Lambrettista.

UPDATE: Gordon Robinson, who makes these has been in touch, there are some more pics, this time of an SX. Made to order, they take about a week to ten days from deposit to delivery. Lambretta SX Rocker 59627_386789491401968_1844803806_n 547044_386759164738334_1553254771_n

On eBay here, or phone Gordon on 07411986016 for more information.

Rock on!


Kölner Nachtfahrt

So… From Colombia to Cologne… A Nachtfahrt translates as “Night Crossing” …think I prefer Nachtfahrt! Another nice rideout vid, anyways. So, read Lambrettista, and you get to see the world, and some scoots, from the comfort of your armchair! Nice to hear that extended cut of Move On Up again too.

Manizales Scooter Classic, 2013.

No apologies for my second post of the day from Colombia. Here we have the Manizales Scooter Classic… Now, I knew where Bogota was, but my Colombian geography is not that good, so I had to look up Manizales… and I found out it’s all about coffee. In fact, they claim to be the world capital of coffee. Who said this website wasn’t educational? Anyway… they have a classic scooter rally there too… as you’ll see from the above video. Some nice lammies too. Judge Dread doing the honours on the backing track.

Moonstomp Riders SC… Bogota!

I find it amazing how countries around the world have adopted the scooter scene ethic… often with the same music and fashions as those originally found in the UK. I know the scooters are Italian, and the music is Jamaican, but the culture is pure British. Except it’s not. It’s GLOBAL. As this video from Bogota (that’s in Colombia, South America for all you geography dunderheeds). And I think it’s pure brilliant.

BTW, As well as Colombia, this blog has readers in Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Most of South America in fact. So if you own, ride, or are just interested in Lambrettas and you live in Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana, Bolivia or Paraguay… please get in touch, send some pics, let me know what’s happening in your neck of the woods. There are a few places around the world untouched by the “Lambretta virus” but, as I’m finding out… not many!

Gabicci promo video

Some nice scoots featuring in this classily shot promo video for Gabicci… another brand keen to make the most of it’s mod heritage.

Personally though, I’d have binned the PX’s. If you’ve got to use V*spa’s in your vid… make sure they’re old. And preferably GS’s.

Wiggo, again.

Bradley Wiggins Fred Perry shotsBit late posting this, as it appear in the Mail at the end of June, but with Mr Wiggins back at work in the Tour of Poland, I thought I’d take the opportunity to follow up my post on Britain’s favourite cyclist, olympic hero, mod and Lambrettista.

In what later turned out to be some publicity shots for his new range of clobber for Fred Perry, Wiggo was seen “speeding around on his moped” (the Daily Mail’s words not mine) on Southport pier. Apparently, the gold and white SX200 scooter, is a gift from the clothing range after Mr Wiggins worked with the label to create a cycling inspired collection of apparel, footwear and accessories.

wig2 wig4If you follow the link to the Daily Mail article, you’ll find a couple of pics of him scooting down the pier. I’d post them here, but they’re copyright. (I’m sure Fred Perry won’t mind me posting there pics, especially as I’ve linked to their website) But the fact that it was all a bit of a set up for a photoshoot will explain his lack of a crash hat… as he’s been quite outspoken (and rightly so) about wearing a helmet on your bike.

Here’s the original article:

And here’s the Fred Perry Modern British Hero collection:

And Bradley… if you read the blog, let me know mate. I’d love a celebrity endorsement!

Hindhead Tunnel Run

There’s not a lot to say about this. Stick it on full screen, turn your speakers up to 11, and enjoy. It’s a Lambretta thing. I particularly like the ratty S2 that gives the GP’s a run for their money… must surprise a few people that scoot!

Rare 1970 Lambretta GP200 Electronic on eBay

Lambretta GP 200 Electronic“rare” is a word that is much overused in eBay listings relating to scooters… But those of you who know your Lambrettas will know this is something a bit special. Nobody knows how many original Electronics there are left, but there’s only going to be a few. “Rare as a Spitfire” is the line used in the description… that’ll give you some perspective. With machines like this, provenance is everything. This scooter is documented way back, and has a certificate from the LCGB. But, if you are thinking of putting a bid in, please do your own homework and satisfy yourself that it’s the genuine article. After all, your probably end up paying at least a £5k premium for that coveted ‘Electronic’ tag.

The seller bought the bike on eBay in May this year, (how did I not see that!), in bits, and although it’s only July, it looks like he’s done an excellent resto on it. All the parts and processes are listed on eBay, along with the cost of everything, and the history of the bike. Now, I don’t know the guy, but everything seems pretty open, up front and honest. But as the saying goes, caveat emptor. Go and have a look. It’s in Sidcup, Kent.

Here’s the link.

Lambretta GP 200 Electronic

Lambretta GP 200 Electronic

$T2eC16N,!yUE9s6NDMWdBR3F(3OSjQ~~60_57 $T2eC16d,!ysE9sy0jK3nBR3F(8(LLw~~60_57 $(KGrHqR,!oQFG)JjhMZFBR3FYDQTvg~~60_57 $(KGrHqJ,!qgFHJY60(7)BR3FYH4q-w~~60_57