Lambretta engine beerpump

Lambretta Beer PumpJust in case you need another reason to get down the pub, some clever person has found a way to engineer a beer pump from a Lambretta engine/crankcase… I found this on Facebook, on the Lambretta Photography page, who are well worth  a follow if you do the FB thing!

If anyone has more information about this, including the drinking establishment where it is located, please let me know, I’d love to give them a shout out!


Another argument solved.

Paul Newman on a LambrettaWho’s the coolest Paul Newman, or Steve McQueen? It’s a tough call. I’d have always just about come down on the side of Mr McQueen, despite Mr Newman’s salad dressing, Cool Hand Luke, and his rendition of Plastic Jesus (check it out here if you haven’t heard it yet). But this is the final bit of evidence that swings it for Newman. And, until I see photographic evidence of McQueen on a Lammie, it’s definative. Paul Newman is the coolest. End of.

Rockers. For Mods.

Lambretta RockerSo the headline was a bit obvious, and as Lambrettisti, we sometimes get a bit wary of all being tagged as mods… Anyway, on with the post. I’ve seen this sort of thing before… but as a much more generic type scooter. This is identifiably a Lammie. Made to order, to your spec, colour and model for a mere £140, this isn’t some piece of plastic tat… It’s an opportunity to indoctrinate your offspring (or niece, nephew, grandchild, godchild… whatever) in the way of the Lambrettista.

UPDATE: Gordon Robinson, who makes these has been in touch, there are some more pics, this time of an SX. Made to order, they take about a week to ten days from deposit to delivery. Lambretta SX Rocker 59627_386789491401968_1844803806_n 547044_386759164738334_1553254771_n

On eBay here, or phone Gordon on 07411986016 for more information.

Rock on!

She usually starts first kick…

Dean Martin Lambretta KickstartWe’ve all been there. Your Lammie always starts first or second kick. Unless there is somebody nearby that you want to impress, or you’re selling it, and somebody has come for a test drive. Temperamental beasts, Lambrettas… they don’t like being taken for granted. Not even by Dino!

Possibly the best scooter club rally video yet?

If you know anybody who doesn’t ‘get’ the whole scooter ‘thing’… get them to watch this video. If they still don’t get it, there’s no hope for them. Created for the Lebowski Scooter Gang, it’s to highlight their 7th Camuno Scooter Rally, 29th June – 1st July 2012. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty cool event – set within medieval castle walls with all the usual music, fun and froclics that accomany these things… I wish I could go! More about the event; here. (In Italian, but hey, there’s always Google Translate). 

Back to the video… doesn’t that GP look great in front of all those Vespas! (there’s another Lambretta in the pack too). And if this isn’t the coolest vid produced by a scooter club, let me know what is, and I’ll feature it on the blog.

Find out more about the Lebowski Scooter Gang here

Via the RetroScooterGarage bog.


Ahh… sweet… The Suzuki Choinori


I’ll hold my hands up, I’m not a huge fan of modern scooters, I’m much more of a vintage kinda guy. There are, however some exceptions. I really like the Honda Zoomer/Ruckus and also the Yamaha C3, which style aesthetic to the standard, twist and go scoot. I’ll post a bit about each of these when I’ve found out a bit more. Taking a similar approach, and pushing minimalism to the next level, is this cute little scoot from Suzuki. Built from 2003 to 2007, the Choinori was only available in Japan… where they built ten million of the little 49cc scoots. One of the reason they were so popular, was they were extremely inexpensive – something they achieved by innovations like a linerless bore engine, and even the lack of any rear suspension. Although these ‘features’ (or lack of them) are celebrated as a landmark of Japanese automotive history… anyone that knows their Lambretta history will immediately think of the model A – especially the version without the plastic (sorry, resin) legshields (last pic).


The Choinori (which means “short hop” or “little journey” in Japanese) was discontinued in 2007, when the engine couldn’t meet new emission standards. To me, this looks like an incredible opportunity for Suzuki to steal a march on the rest of the scooter industry, and use the Choinori as a platform for an electric scoot… it’s light weight and simplicity of construction are all plusses here. You wouldn’t want to do too many miles on it anyway… the bum-numbing lack of rear suspension would limit it to the role of a city bike/micro commuter, for all except the most committed enthusiasts/mascochists.