1965 Milan to Taranto – The toughest scooter trial in the world?

Milan-Taranto PicPete Davis of the  British Lambretta Archive sent me this fantastic  pic of a couple of LCGB riders in the 1965 Milan to Taranto a 1,000 mile regularity trial, a event organised by the Lambretta Club d’Italia.

A little digging led me to discover this great video on YouTube…

…and a fantastic article on the ever excellent Team S Equipe blog, here.


Woodsy’s pics

scooter17I’ve feature the work of Paul “Woodsy” Wood a couple of times before… videos of both EuroLambretta and the LCGB 60th Anniversary Rally at Shipson on Stour… but I’ve never featured his still images before. These days, everyone with a camera phone is “a photographer” …but not everybody has the eye. In my humble opinion Woodsy has… in bucket loads. What do you think?

Back Camera scooter8 scooter9 scooter13 scooter14 scooter16

Paul is from Manchester and rides with the Manchester Lyons SC. For more Woodsy; check out his website here, or his movies on YouTube or Vimeo.scooter15 scooter6 scooter4 scooter2 scooter1

LCGB 60th Anniversary Run Shipston-on-Stour

Remember that rather good video I posted a wee while back of EuroLambretta in Avignon? Well, Woody, who shot that, has made another mini masterpiece with this film of the Lambretta Club of Great Britains’ 60th Anniversary Rally. Enjoy.

Euro Lambretta 2013 – Avignon

EuroLambretta 2013 AvignonI should have posted more about this ages ago… but as I’m not going, (I’ve never done a “Euro”. One day, one day.), I’m  just too envious of all you Lambrettisti who are making their final preparations, or are even on their way.

If anyone wants me to post any pictures, tales of the journey or the event itself, I’ll be more than happy to.

Euro Lambretta Avignon CampsiteLooks like the weather is going to be good too. This picture was taken from the official campsite, yesterday.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page; here.

Good luck guys (and girls), have fun, ride safe.

What’s in the mags…


A new feature this, maybe a regular if there is any interest. A bit of a rundown on what’s in the scooter mags on the shelfs, and in the bi-monthly LCGB mag Jet Set.


I’m not pushing Scootering, but it’s a must buy for me, alway got a fresh bit of info. This month’s is the second or third after a bit of a facelift, and the mag looks all the better for it. The content is pretty much the same though, just presented in a bit more of a contemporary way.

So in addition to all the regular features, there is a nice article on a British ‘oddball’ the Pheonix, with some beautiful shots of frankly, quite an ugly scooter. As usual there are a couple of nice featured Lambretta’s, taking Disney’s Cars movie, Pirates of the Carribean and Baileys cream as their inspiration respectively. There’s also a cracking 1958 Douglas Vespa.


On the techy side there’s an in depth article telling you everything you ever needed to know about the humble nuts and bolts that hold your machine together. There’s a nice feature on the Troglodytes SC from down in Cornwall. 

Events wise, there’s rally coverage of Woolacombe BSRA Rally, The Ribble Valley Mod and Soul Weekender, Jersey’s “Strickly Scooters” Rally, The “Ride for your Rights” protest, and a Rally in Belgium to Liege Chateau. 

For the more cometitive souls, they also cover scooter racing at Cadwell Park and sprinting at Elvington. 

There’s also a nice double page spread on the “A-Z of the Lambretta”. 

Phew. 164 pages this month… a lot of ads… including a couple of really dodgy ones from “Bradford Exchange”, but also a lot of good content.


JetSet, the club mag of the LCGB, which you can only get by signing up… has also had a bit of a revamp lately, and is an extremley well produced, well presented publication these days. Clearly it’s going to be more focused on the Lambretta rather than scooters in general, and it does that from a quite authorative, knowlegabel position. A lot of the features cover the same ground as Scootering… the mechanical section is known as Oily Rag, features ten tools as you can trust in your workshop, there’s a featured scooter club, (Redcar Frontline), and Rally reports… Isle of Wight, York Inset, all with more of a Lambretta owners slant.

One nice feature is a tribute to the late Dave “Iron Arse” Jackson, a reprint of his account of a year on the road in his bid to become LCGB’s best supporting member. He’s not the only one recounting tales of epic journeys on a Lammie, there’s Eden who recounts a tale of the 2011 Coast to Coast ride, lets just say… it wasn’t all plain sailing… or should that be riding. Putting a few more miles on the oddometer was Pete Orchard… who rode his Series One back from Istanbul!

I’ve only just scratched the surface of JetSet’s content… it’s 48 pages packed with Lambretta relevant content. Worth the £21 a year it cost to join the LCGB alone, without all the other benefits you get for joining… (discounted insurance, parts discouts, expert advice, access to the forums etc, etc.)

I haven’t done the other mag, Classic Scooterist Scene yet… as it’s bi-monthly and been out a while, I’ll review it when the next edition comes out. 

Stolen scooter?


If you have the misfortune to have your scooter nicked… Get it registered on the Lambretta Club of Great Britain’s National Stolen Scooter Registry

I can’t write it any clearer than they do themselves… so here goes… ” [The NSSR] is a detailed list of scooters or scooter parts stolen from owners in the UK. This information is provided by the owner in the hope that scooterists at large can help them recover their property by being vigilant and notifying them (or myself) should you become aware of stolen property that appears in the “LCGB National Stolen Scooter Registry“.

I urge you to contact me should you have any STRONG suspicion regarding any purchase, particularly on sites such as Ebay to check any potential purchase does not appear on the LCGB National Stolen Scooter Registry. All information received is treated in the strictest confidence.


Paul Slack – LCGB Webmaster/NSSR Representative

And good luck in getting your pride and joy back.

Lambretta’s – The best of the bay

A clutch of nice scoots on eBay…


A nice TV 175 in white,  currently at £3,400

And another one in blue and white… currently at £3,700. 

A nice Italian DL (GP) in turquoise…  classified price £3,750

A bit more affordable… this nicely original Series II… ride away for £3,000 

Going back in time slightly further, an electric start LD 150… starting at £1,800. 

and right back… to almost the birth of the Lambretta, a Model D… these don’t come up too often…  classified ad price £4,7500.

If you’re after something slightly different, how about this lovely skinhead style skelly… tons of original style accessories, and it’s got most the original panels and bodywork, if you want to turn it back to a full framed scoot. Buy it now for £2,300 

A bit of a disclaimer… I don’t know any of these scooters – or sellers, I’m not making a penny from these, and I can’t vouch for the originality, legality, performance or anything else about these scoots. They just look good to me. I’m going to write a post on the best places to buy a scooter, other than eBay, so watch this space. And if you’re thinking of buying a Lambretta, it’s definitely worth checking out the buyers guide on the Lambretta Cub of Great Britain’s website