Skelly style

A proper “Skelly” out of Thailand, from the YouTube channel of Motosyndrome Area 755. I don’t know much about the shop, but from this video it looks like they know their Lambrettas, and do quality custom work.

While not to everbody’s taste – when a skelly is done properly, they are a thing of rare beauty, and a real head-turner. With the custom headlight an chopper bars, chopped legshields, sidewinder seat to the twin megaphone exhausts, plus lots of other little touches – this one ticks all the boxes for me. Good job.


Skinhead Style Skelly

TS1225SkellyBack in the day, the easiest way to “customise” your Lammie, was to take the side panels off, and unbolt anything you could… to create a “skelly”. This, along with bolting on a big bore exhaust was also done in pursuit of an elusive extra couple of miles per hour…

As with all these things, there are different levels of “getting it right” and this skinhead style skelly has plenty of authentic 70’s style touches… the megaphone exhaust, sidewinder seat and wooden running boards all giving it a the proper skin/suedehead feel.

The TS1 225 lump should give it plenty of poke, with a hydraulic front break to bring it to a safe stop.

Here’s the eBay link

Motorroller Scooter Custom Show Ried 2014

Ok it’s in German, put let the pictures do the talking. And I don’t know about you, but German is one of those languages that I can pic up the gist of if you pay attention. Unfortunately the focus seems to be on the Vepsa on show,including some rather odd Vespa mopeds, and a nutter doing some quite impressive stunt riding. There is a glimpse of a rather lovely S1 with a trailer,  a really stunning skinhead / suedehead style  skelly… really, really nicely done that… and a rather tasty race replica GP with a nice Martini paint job.

What surprises me more is the scale and feel of the event… it’s got the feel of something like the Ideal Home Exhibition… and a really mainstream audience.

Lambretta’s – The best of the bay

A clutch of nice scoots on eBay…


A nice TV 175 in white,  currently at £3,400

And another one in blue and white… currently at £3,700. 

A nice Italian DL (GP) in turquoise…  classified price £3,750

A bit more affordable… this nicely original Series II… ride away for £3,000 

Going back in time slightly further, an electric start LD 150… starting at £1,800. 

and right back… to almost the birth of the Lambretta, a Model D… these don’t come up too often…  classified ad price £4,7500.

If you’re after something slightly different, how about this lovely skinhead style skelly… tons of original style accessories, and it’s got most the original panels and bodywork, if you want to turn it back to a full framed scoot. Buy it now for £2,300 

A bit of a disclaimer… I don’t know any of these scooters – or sellers, I’m not making a penny from these, and I can’t vouch for the originality, legality, performance or anything else about these scoots. They just look good to me. I’m going to write a post on the best places to buy a scooter, other than eBay, so watch this space. And if you’re thinking of buying a Lambretta, it’s definitely worth checking out the buyers guide on the Lambretta Cub of Great Britain’s website