Lambretta’s – The best of the bay

A clutch of nice scoots on eBay…


A nice TV 175 in white,  currently at £3,400

And another one in blue and white… currently at £3,700. 

A nice Italian DL (GP) in turquoise…  classified price £3,750

A bit more affordable… this nicely original Series II… ride away for £3,000 

Going back in time slightly further, an electric start LD 150… starting at £1,800. 

and right back… to almost the birth of the Lambretta, a Model D… these don’t come up too often…  classified ad price £4,7500.

If you’re after something slightly different, how about this lovely skinhead style skelly… tons of original style accessories, and it’s got most the original panels and bodywork, if you want to turn it back to a full framed scoot. Buy it now for £2,300 

A bit of a disclaimer… I don’t know any of these scooters – or sellers, I’m not making a penny from these, and I can’t vouch for the originality, legality, performance or anything else about these scoots. They just look good to me. I’m going to write a post on the best places to buy a scooter, other than eBay, so watch this space. And if you’re thinking of buying a Lambretta, it’s definitely worth checking out the buyers guide on the Lambretta Cub of Great Britain’s website



Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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