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Firstly gang, don’t worry… this is Lambretta relevant too. These days, with digital cameras available to all at bargain basement prices, anybody can take a decent photograph. But there’s a difference between a decent photograph, and a GOOD photograph. And if you’re scooter is your pride and joy, doesn’t it deserve a good photograph? Paul Hart takes fantastic photographs of, well, lots of things, but he tends to focus on the things he loves… classic cars, motorbikes,  and yes, you guessed, scooters. Paul rides a classic Vespa himself… a 1969 Sprint Veloce. 

In this days of digital ubiquitously, he’s sticking to good old 35mm film, shot through a classic Olympus SLR camera. I think the results speak for themselves. Prices start from £24 for an A5 print, and £150 for a standard photoshoot, which seems pretty reasonable to me. If you’ve had any wedding photography done, you’ll probably agree with me.
if you’d like Paul to photograph your scooter, or anything else for that matter… check out his website. or you can email him

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