Skelly style

A proper “Skelly” out of Thailand, from the YouTube channel of Motosyndrome Area 755. I don’t know much about the shop, but from this video it looks like they know their Lambrettas, and do quality custom work.

While not to everbody’s taste – when a skelly is done properly, they are a thing of rare beauty, and a real head-turner. With the custom headlight an chopper bars, chopped legshields, sidewinder seat to the twin megaphone exhausts, plus lots of other little touches – this one ticks all the boxes for me. Good job.


Rallymaster Replica on eBay

RallymasterRep-11I posted back in 2012 about a lovely Rallymaster Replica for sale on eBay… long gone of course, but check it out here if you want to see some pics. Well, here’s another one. (Click on each of the images in the mosaic to see them full size).

And if anything, it’s even better. Cracking looking scoot, and something a bit different to the multitude of TV / GT / SX Replicas peppering eBay these days. As with all these things, it’s the attention to detail that matters, and this scooter has that in spades. Although it’s not an original feature, I love the custom horn casing badge (you can see it in the first image). Lover-ly.

Oh, you want the eBay link do you? Here it is.

Original skelly

10928186_699871003474932_3251514825148198925_nNow this is a pic! Bit of a dude on a homemade skelly… all er, “accessories” look very improvised. And I kinda love it!

Those of you who’ve been paying attention may have noticed a “lull’ in blog updates of late, sorry about that other commitments/events have taken priority lately. But I’ll be back with new content as soon as poss. KTF.

eBay Watch

I always keep an eye on eBay; just to see if there is anything interesting or unusual that would benefit from a post on the blog. Often it’s quite uninspiring… but then sometimes theres a run of scooters that just “do it” for me… Here are a trio of Lammies, all a bit different from the ‘run of the mill’ that are up on eBay at the moment.

Firstly, this rather tasty pink GP…





A guaranteed headturner /conversation starter! Here’s the eBay link

Next, another love it or hate it colour… chocolate brown… It’s a bit of a 70’s/80’s thing. 15409066514_2dbcfa7888_z


If that floats your boat, here’s the link to that one<img style=”text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;” src=” 2Finally, for now, here’s “General Lee” a nicely put together “Southern” themed cutdown TS1. I’m guessing the builder of this watched a bit of “Dukes of Hazard” back in the day…GeneralLeeTS1-1


GeneralLeeTS1-3Here’s the link

“Been modified”

ChoppedMiniLambretta-1 That’s the seller notes in the eBay description. Two words. “Been modified”. You could say that! And in the description: “BEEN MADE A LOT SMALLER THAN A STANDARD LI150” You could say that! This would be a fun novelty scooter to have a part of a Lambretta  collection.

Here's the eBay link.

 ChoppedMiniLambrettaChoppedMiniLambretta-2 ChoppedMiniLambretta-3

Here's that link again.

Cushty cutdown

RB260-Cutdown-2-19-7-2014I don’t feature many cutdowns on here… it’s not that I don’t like them… but my personal taste is towards a scooter that messes with the original designers vision as little as possible, or enhances it in subtle ways. But when a cutdown is done properly they can look the business… like this one that’s up for sale on eBay.

RB260-Cutdown-1-19-7-2014RB260-Cutdown-4-19-7-2014RB260-Cutdown-3-19-7-2014 RB260-Cutdown-6-19-7-2014 RB260-Cutdown-19-7-2014