Mucking about on Lambretta Choppers

These guys are old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway. I’ve never been a particular fan of the chopped Lammy, but this looks like fun!

I’m guessing they are part of this mob: Lambretta Choppers Owners Club (great pics on their website).

“Been modified”

ChoppedMiniLambretta-1 That’s the seller notes in the eBay description. Two words. “Been modified”. You could say that! And in the description: “BEEN MADE A LOT SMALLER THAN A STANDARD LI150” You could say that! This would be a fun novelty scooter to have a part of a Lambretta  collection.

Here's the eBay link.

 ChoppedMiniLambrettaChoppedMiniLambretta-2 ChoppedMiniLambretta-3

Here's that link again.


Automatic selection

Another couple of nice scoots on eBay at the moment… if you like auto’s that is. Ok… they are not everybody’s cup of tea… especially the purists… but were a broad church here at Lambrettista, and I don’t mind them.

After all… where does ‘tuning’ stop. And if you can get “Lammie looks with automatic reliability” which is often the way these things are sold… well… why not.

Anyway. on to the machines. Bike one is the more classic Lambretta looking scoot… Classic SX good looks with a very smart Abarth paint job and a Typhoon 125 power unit. A nice touch is the bar end indicators. Neatly done. It’s had a few bids, but if your desperate to get your hands on it, the buy it now price is £4000. Here’s the link.

Lambretta Abarth Auto

Lambretta Abarth Auto – Front view

$T2eC16Z,!)QE9s3HFhhmBR0y,2TDb!~~60_12Bar end indicators

The second bike is a bit more radical… and there’s a bit of an issue with the photo’s on eBay, so maybe you can see them here and then stick your bid in if your interested. Built on a Lambretta Innovations frame, it runs on 13″ wheels. The power is provided by a Gilera lump with a Mallosi 172 top end. It will (allegedly) “sit at 80mph all day long” and has all round disc brakes to bring you to a swift halt if the need arises. If Kawasaki Green and a swift ride is your thing, you might want to get a bid in on this scoot. Here it is on eBay. Even if you’re not interested, and you’ve got five minutes, check it out because it’s written in a thoroughly engaging style. I like what he’s done with the shed, too.

GP Gilera Auto $T2eC16h,!yUE9s6NGYqzBR2R(3HwEQ~~60_12 $(KGrHqNHJDkFG)SOV-ppBR2RT,Zv4Q~~60_12 $T2eC16V,!zoE9s5nf!FGBR2RVLE3)g~~60_12

My only caveat about autos is, being a hybrid, when things go wrong… where do you take it? A Lambretta specialist? A Gilera (or whoever has made the engine) specialist? Hopefully back to the place that built it. But the permutations of things that could go wrong rise rapidly. Saying that, if you’re even thinking about it, your probably a little handy with the spanners yourself, and a little tinkering may not worry you. If that’s the case, go for it.