Le Voyage Exceptionnel – EuroLambretta Avignon, The Movie

So here’s the mystery. I’m sure I posted this video ages ago. Back in June in fact. But there it was, when I went into my “Dashboard” (WordPressers all know what I’m talking about) sitting in the “Pending” category. So if you’ve seen it before, apologies, but not too many, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate the opportunity of seeing it again. I’ve since posted an article about Woodsy’s fine still imagery that you can check out here, if you missed that.

From Manchester, England to Avignon France. And Back. By Lambretta.

If you only watch one video about EuroLambretta, watch this one. Brilliant visuals from the first frame to the last with a great soundtrack. Hit the full screen button, crank up your speakers to 11. If you don’t want to sign up for the next Euro after watching this, there’s something wrong with you.

This is the best scooter video I’ve seen since this one. In fact, I think it’s better.

You really wont believe this.

Look what turned up at EuroLambretta in Avignon. I’ve seen it all now.

I’m not going to comment much on this, and the guys at Lambretta Club de France are going to post a full picture set soon… so just sit back, check out these few images and have your mind blown.970937_464268956992548_540892458_n936998_464921640260613_573224549_n601927_464923653593745_2000583273_n954730_464964120256365_1485118549_n

I think the technical term is Paramotor. Powered paragliding (PPG). Powered by an open framed Lambretta. My gob is smacked. My ghast is flabbered. Amazing. I want a go… I think!

EuroLambretta 2013 – England Win on turnout!

3LionsSeries3Figures in from Avignon…
These are the registered attendees at EuroLambretta 2013

Total from UK; (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland): 360!
Incidentally, I bet there are some Welsh boys there. Let me know!

Total from the British Isles… as above, plus Ireland… 368!

Good turnout.

Serious well done for anyone that rode there. And bear in mind some countries are smaller than others, and some are further away… big respect for the Yanks and the Aussies, and Chris from South Africa.

EuroLambretta 2014 – Davos, Switzerland

EuroLambretta 2014 FlyerIf you couldn’t make it to EuroLambretta 2013, which is about to kick off any minute now, or youron your way / already there and you are already thinking about next years, it’s in Davos, Switzerland. Now the only two things I know about Davos, are 1) They hold financial summits for the G8 countries there, and 2) It sounds a bit like Davros… leader of the Daleks. So I won’t be much help. But maybe this Wikipedia article will.

The dates are 27th– 29th June, and more details will be forthcoming, once the current Euro is over, from the Lambretta Club Swiss.

It’s actually only 2 miles further than Avignon, according to a quick bit of ‘research’ on Google Maps, but I have heard that Switzerland is quite “hilly”.
I expect this rally will run like clockwork.

Look out Avignon, here come the Banshees…

431849_623167377696188_1441332082_n 602312_596000517085212_1441114386_n 942987_532267426809546_54462707_n 972346_532269443476011_1324697292_n ULC SXThe Banshees ScootersThe boys from the Ulster Lambretta Club (otherwise known as the Banshees) are well on there way to Avignon. Have a great trip fella’s…

I’m posting this, because when I finally decided I needed to get a scooter again, I nearly bought a V#spa from Dave O’Hare from The ULC. If I had, this blog would probably never have existed, but it does, because I bought a Series 2 Lammie instead. Dave send me some bits and bobs from the 4 nations rally anyway…  including a ULC keyring, what a gent. One day, I will get to buy him a pint!

Euro Lambretta 2013 – Avignon

EuroLambretta 2013 AvignonI should have posted more about this ages ago… but as I’m not going, (I’ve never done a “Euro”. One day, one day.), I’m  just too envious of all you Lambrettisti who are making their final preparations, or are even on their way.

If anyone wants me to post any pictures, tales of the journey or the event itself, I’ll be more than happy to.

Euro Lambretta Avignon CampsiteLooks like the weather is going to be good too. This picture was taken from the official campsite, yesterday.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page; here.

Good luck guys (and girls), have fun, ride safe.