Look out Avignon, here come the Banshees…

431849_623167377696188_1441332082_n 602312_596000517085212_1441114386_n 942987_532267426809546_54462707_n 972346_532269443476011_1324697292_n ULC SXThe Banshees ScootersThe boys from the Ulster Lambretta Club (otherwise known as the Banshees) are well on there way to Avignon. Have a great trip fella’s…

I’m posting this, because when I finally decided I needed to get a scooter again, I nearly bought a V#spa from Dave O’Hare from The ULC. If I had, this blog would probably never have existed, but it does, because I bought a Series 2 Lammie instead. Dave send me some bits and bobs from the 4 nations rally anyway…  including a ULC keyring, what a gent. One day, I will get to buy him a pint!


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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