Fine filmage

I came across this movie on Da Nguyen’s “The Scooterist” site, a fine blog which comes out of Vietnam. Nicely shot, it’s clearly a promo for the premium harrington (and other stuff) brand Baracuta, though the promotioanl element is fairly subtle… just the riders standing around in various pastel shade harringtons around the 1minute 10 mark! Nice selection of Lammies on display… although I must admit I lost interst a little during teh surfing segment… not quite my bag! I’m all for packing as much fun into a weekend as possible, but I must be getting a bit old, but a ride down to Woolacombe, a spot of surfing, a bit of Northern in the evening and a ride home the same day would probably be too much for my old bones!

Nice movie by Polymath Films, good soundtrack too.