Evolution of a Scooterist Tee…

From childhood to old agePrint

Damn fine tees, if I must say so myself! All profits (about 50p a shirt) go towards keeping the blog going. Or at least keeping my Lammy on the road!
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Team S Equipe T-shirt


Love the simplicity of this shirt. One for those ‘in the know’ about classic Lambretta racing.

Trust me, if you’re thinking of buying a t-shirt with a ‘mod’ roundeland a sillouette of a scoooter  on it,  don’t. Buy this instead. You’ll thank me in years to come.
Available here.  Alternativley, pop over to I’m Scooterist. They’ve got some nice stuff too.

You scooterist? I’m scooterist!


Found this via the Vespamore blog, and did a bit of digging.

I’m scooterist is a fresh new clothing brand… aimed at, (you’ve guessed haven’t you!) Scooterists. Oh, hold on, their NOT a brand… they’re a concept. Anyway… they’ve got a nice range of scooter related T-shirts. And you can never have too many T-shirts (or T-Shits as it says on their video page – titter). I wasn’t quite sure where the “A” went… you know… “I’m a scooterist”… but I think it’s more a statement thing… kind of “What religion are you?” “I’m Catholic”… “I’m Protestant”… “I’m Scooterist” kind of thing. Or a “I’m Spartacus” type statement. I like. I wish I’d filled out “Scooterist” on my recent census form now. Bugger. I bet I don’t remember in ten years time. Nice typography too. I like a bit of nice typography. 
Browse and buy here.