Gorgeous Golden Age Scooter models

21231586_1917928411765279_7738894821993192682_nI got sent a link from Olivier in Toulouse about these fabulous aluminium and resin models based on scooters from “the golden age”. The models are going to be produced in a limited series soon, through Ulele, a European crowdfunding site.

I get sent a few things like this… scooter related ‘merch’, and to be honest, a lot of it is pretty poor. I think these are great though… Olivier has managed to convey the essence of each scooter in the minimum number of elements; really, really cool.





As well as LD, (probably still the most popular Lambretta in France), and a Vespa, there is a rather lovely Peugeot. The models aren’t cheap, but, as ever, you get what you pay for. They’d make a great present for anyone who loves their classic scoots.

Check out the details on the Ulele site, or Olivier’s Facebook page.


Beautiful little film about a lost Lambretta.

A lovely little movie about a family Lambretta that was lost for twenty years before being found again. There’s English subtitles, if you’re French isn’t quite up to scratch.

Via the marvellous Petrolicous site

Snuggy Buggy

SnuggyMicro-2The world of the William Microcar is a peculiar one… I’ve written about these rare little microcars before, but never come across this variant – ‘The Snuggy’ before. Here, here, here and here. It looks like it takes some inspiration from that 70’s classic The Bond Bug, one of the most iconic little cars ever, and something I’ve also blogged about.

I wouldn’t say the Snuggy is a design classic, but it’s got a certain charm, with a ‘lo-fi’ homemade, bargain parts bucket aesthetic about it. If it’s your cup of darjeeling, check it out on eBay here.


Scooter & Style Magazine, #6

Its always a pleasant moment when an A4 (ok, C4, envelope pedants) envelope drops through my letterbox with a french postmark… It’ll be the next issue of Scooter & Style magazine, hot off the press…couv6
Issue No 6 is a quality product as ever, with another wonderful scooter collection (it seems every other Frenchman has a garage full of rare and beautiful scooters!) a pristine GP 200 Electronic… various Vespa related articles, and a Maico Mobile feature. But perhaps this issues standout feature is a comparison between two Peugeot scooters… the classic s57, and it’s modern counterpart the Django, both of which have featured in my blog recently. (0k, the Django was a custom build by Deus Ex Machina) .

I’ve got to say, the Django – which I initially wrote off as just another, bandwagon jumping retro styling exercise – is growing on me. After all, Peugeot has a proud history of producing scooters. If Vespa can continue to trade off their heritage, why can’t other marques?

Anway, back to Scooter & Style… another strong issue… if you want to widen your reading materials from the obvious, I’d highly recommend it. You can get it online, here.


Will, (I) Am (a Lambretta)

SuperComtesse-6Well, a Lambretta engine anyway. Regular readers might remember the rather odd French, Lambretta powered microcars from Willam… (if you don’t you can catch up here and here). Well, there’s one for sale on eBay. It’s about as back to basics motoring as you can get, although this variant the “Super Comtesse” has four wheels. Cheap as chips (at the moment) and perfect for the Lambretta completist… or someone that wants to travel very slowly and attract a lot of attention to themselves. Check it out on eBay, here.SuperComtesse-4



Just a girl on a Lambretta

9fec06a32197cb28476e4911024c2c9cPhew, I was getting a bit panicky there. The last post didn’t include a single Lambretta. So here’s a nice pic of a nice girl on a nice Lammie. Which is nice.

It’s an image by famous French photographer Jean-Francois Jonvelle. Here’s his website.

Laurent Callot Photographies, part deux

I’ve posted this chaps work before, but that was way back, and he is clearly a gentleman of great taste! Here’s some more shots I’ve found on his Facebook page.

Laurent Callot Photographies 485889_453194054693748_1587683262_n 547798_454767857869701_669365149_n 556753_454767321203088_20508215_n 562400_454767981203022_1732940817_n 581176_454771527869334_1631416685_n 599677_454768057869681_113119063_n 600973_454766911203129_1671419200_nMore Laurent Callot 598653_454771647869322_452110872_n 599197_454771861202634_1535381924_n

Laurent Callot Photographies


I found this fella via the Lambretta Club de France Facebook page, he would appear to be;
A) French. B) A photographer C) Intersted in Lambrettas D) Also interested in young ladies with a ‘well turned ankle’, usually wearing stockings. Nothing wrong with that.


Nice images anyway… some great quirky shots of the scooters at the “3 eme rassemblement national Lambretta”. Check out his Facebook page here.


(I know the last one’s not a Lambretta).

French Lambretta Willam 125cc Microcar


One of the best things about being a Lambrettista is that you are always learning… I’ve never even heard of a “Lambretta Willam Microcar” before, but there’s one for sale on eBay…

Apparently Monseuir Willam was president of Lambretta France in the late 1960’s and he created  microcars from 1967-72. Powered by a 125cc Lambretta engine, it’s not going to be beating any Ferrari’s away from the lights, but it’s kinda cute in a “Postman Pat” way. Somebody else has obviously made that link too… check out the (non legal, I’m assuming) numberplate.
Check it out on eBay here.