The names Bug. Bond Bug.

Bond Bug Front 3/4I came across this absolutely stunning, fully restored 1972 Bond Bug on eBay Here. I’ve written about these iconic little vehicles before… (follow the link in the Quasar post!). In the seventies they looked straight from the future …and they still look like they are from some “Space 1999” alternative future (I know that 1999 is in the past, but you get my point!). I showed this post to my nine year old son and he said “Cool! Why don’t they make cars like that today?” Good question!

I honestly don’t think I’ve stumbled across anything on eBay that I’ve immediately wanted so much… Lambrettas included! A snip at a quid under £13k. I’m buying a lottery ticket on the off chance.Bond Bug Three-wheeler BondBug-2 BondBug-3 BondBug-4 Bond Bug InteriorHere’s the eBay link again.


4 thoughts on “The names Bug. Bond Bug.

  1. Hi,

    Nice Bug, I had one once. A few years ago, when I frequented Kit Car shows, a specialist manufacturer is producing them in three and four wheel variants.

    Best regards

    Howard Sent from my iPad


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  2. Hi Howard!
    I think if they did an electric one with decent performance and range, they would sell a ton.
    Do you still wish you had the Bug – or is it an “itch you’ve scratched”? What was it like to drive?
    If you’ve got any pics, I’s love to stick them up on the blog! Cheers, jock.


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