Laurent Callot Photographies, part deux

I’ve posted this chaps work before, but that was way back, and he is clearly a gentleman of great taste! Here’s some more shots I’ve found on his Facebook page.

Laurent Callot Photographies 485889_453194054693748_1587683262_n 547798_454767857869701_669365149_n 556753_454767321203088_20508215_n 562400_454767981203022_1732940817_n 581176_454771527869334_1631416685_n 599677_454768057869681_113119063_n 600973_454766911203129_1671419200_nMore Laurent Callot 598653_454771647869322_452110872_n 599197_454771861202634_1535381924_n


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