French Lambretta Willam 125cc Microcar


One of the best things about being a Lambrettista is that you are always learning… I’ve never even heard of a “Lambretta Willam Microcar” before, but there’s one for sale on eBay…

Apparently Monseuir Willam was president of Lambretta France in the late 1960’s and he created  microcars from 1967-72. Powered by a 125cc Lambretta engine, it’s not going to be beating any Ferrari’s away from the lights, but it’s kinda cute in a “Postman Pat” way. Somebody else has obviously made that link too… check out the (non legal, I’m assuming) numberplate.
Check it out on eBay here.

4 thoughts on “French Lambretta Willam 125cc Microcar

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  3. It was my willem micro car that sold on eBay. I bought it off an old boy in France I then restored it put it on eBay and it was sold in the USA


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