Going Postal…


Spotted this first class scooter on eBay… A Spanish Post Office (Correos) Serveta, quite rare by all accounts. It’s quite a basic model, lacking the indicators of Serveta’s of similar vintage. If Postman Pedro is anything like the ones that drive our little red vans, they never used the indicators anyway. Anyway, it’s much cooler than the push bikes our lot get to ride. Most of these scoots were scrapped after they went out of service, hence the rarity value, and relatively high price for a ‘basic’ Serveta. It doesn’t need my stamp of approval, but I think it’s got an appeal all of it’s own.
Here it is on eBay


Lambretta Luna Toy

Every day’s a school day at the Lambrettista blog… I’ve not seen one of these before…

A plastic Biemme toddlers bike toy, clearly based on a Luna line Lambretta.

There’s clearly some damage, under the headlight, but if you’re a fan of Bertone’s space age reinvention of the Lammie, you might want this.

See it on eBay

Snuggy Buggy

SnuggyMicro-2The world of the William Microcar is a peculiar one… I’ve written about these rare little microcars before, but never come across this variant – ‘The Snuggy’ before. Here, here, here and here. It looks like it takes some inspiration from that 70’s classic The Bond Bug, one of the most iconic little cars ever, and something I’ve also blogged about.

I wouldn’t say the Snuggy is a design classic, but it’s got a certain charm, with a ‘lo-fi’ homemade, bargain parts bucket aesthetic about it. If it’s your cup of darjeeling, check it out on eBay here.


Smell the two stroke…

One day, we’ll all be riding around on eco-friendly electric Lambrettas (like this one)… but until then, there’s nothing like the smell of 2 stroke, catching in the back of your throat and the unique sound of a Lambretta engine. It’s something only Lambrettisti understand!

This video from Rui Tavares in Portugal captures it perfectly. Loving that orange crankcase side too.

If you’re off to Whitby this weekend, have fun. If your’e riding you’re Lammie from Johannesburg to Durban, have fun too. In fact have fun and ride safe whatever you’re doing! Happy Easter!

SX 150 ‘Orange 67’ Conserved Restoration

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.27.37What do you do with an SX150 in original paint in a very rare factory colour? (Orange 67). It’s easy if you’ve just bought it off the Rimini Lambretta centre, a complete “Conserved Restoration”. Keep as much of the original paint (and scooter) as possible, and restore to as original with NOS (New Old Stock) parts where needed. The scooter is 100% standard (– you couldn’t use a term as ugly as “bog standard” with a machine as beautiful as this) right down to the last grease nipple. And all the better for it. Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.27.06 Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.27.23 Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.27.50 Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 15.28.01

More pics, and the full story on the RiminI Lambretta site, here.

And doesn’t the Italian scenery look nearly as good as the scoot?