Smell the two stroke…

One day, we’ll all be riding around on eco-friendly electric Lambrettas (like this one)… but until then, there’s nothing like the smell of 2 stroke, catching in the back of your throat and the unique sound of a Lambretta engine. It’s something only Lambrettisti understand!

This video from Rui Tavares in Portugal captures it perfectly. Loving that orange crankcase side too.

If you’re off to Whitby this weekend, have fun. If your’e riding you’re Lammie from Johannesburg to Durban, have fun too. In fact have fun and ride safe whatever you’re doing! Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Smell the two stroke…

  1. Perhaps a mention of the guys in New Zealand off this weekend on the MILLE MIGLIA scooter challenge , 4 days riding 1000 miles to tip of the North Island and back to Auckland ? My brother Alex, ex pat , has entered on his LI 150 plus GT kit, he’s never been further than his local wine retailer, here’s a link to their page ,, hell of a challenge , even finding a petrol station is a mission.


    Phil Bicheno
    Cambridge Lambretta Club UK


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