60’s Glamour

Nothing more to say – a quintessentially 60’s pic – Anybody know who the model is?


Lambretta Luna Toy

Every day’s a school day at the Lambrettista blog… I’ve not seen one of these before…

A plastic Biemme toddlers bike toy, clearly based on a Luna line Lambretta.

There’s clearly some damage, under the headlight, but if you’re a fan of Bertone’s space age reinvention of the Lammie, you might want this.

See it on eBay

Gorgeous Golden Age Scooter models

21231586_1917928411765279_7738894821993192682_nI got sent a link from Olivier in Toulouse about these fabulous aluminium and resin models based on scooters from “the golden age”. The models are going to be produced in a limited series soon, through Ulele, a European crowdfunding site.

I get sent a few things like this… scooter related ‘merch’, and to be honest, a lot of it is pretty poor. I think these are great though… Olivier has managed to convey the essence of each scooter in the minimum number of elements; really, really cool.





As well as LD, (probably still the most popular Lambretta in France), and a Vespa, there is a rather lovely Peugeot. The models aren’t cheap, but, as ever, you get what you pay for. They’d make a great present for anyone who loves their classic scoots.

Check out the details on the Ulele site, or Olivier’s Facebook page.

Lovely Italian Model…


…with Cristina Buccino sitting on it! Cristina is a model and actress from Italy, and may have a soft spot for the Lambretta, as I’ve managed to find another picture of her on one… the ill-fated LN of a few years ago.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Cristina, her website is worth a gander – its in Italian, but if you can’t read Italian, you can just look at the pictures…


Model Lambrettas

A bit late for Christmas, but here are a couple of Lambretta models I found on Amazon. I was in two minds about posting links to Amazon as I had bit  had a bit of a run-in with them before the festivities, regarding Vittoria Tessera’s Lambretta book… but I’ll post about that another time. And on balance, I thought you, my fellow Lambrettisti, would be interested.


Although you can find plenty of model Vespa’s out there, model Lambrettas have always been harder to find, and especially the more popular models… you would have thought there would be a good market for TV175’s, SX’s and GP’s; I’d certainly buy them!



Links: LD & sidecar, LD & Girl,  Model D, Lancia Lambretta Service Van.

Back in Vogue

Mod photoshoot Video for Italian Vogue. All the credits are at the end of the video, apart from, strangely, the music. Which is by The Eyes… I’m rowed out.

Lambretta LD Paper Model


Cut out and make your own Lambretta LD… found this over at the International Scooterist BBS one of there members  got it off of the Sydney City Scooter Club site.

Anyways, it makes a pretty cool model of a Lambretta LD. Well, the sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed the NSU branding, so technically, it’s a NSU Prima. But as the early Prima’s were officially licensed, ‘badge engineered’ (and somewhat improved in some opinions) Teutonic versions of the Lambretta LD we all know and love, I think it still counts as a Lammie.

The instructions are in German, but seriously, how hard can it be? Especially if you’ve ever taken a real one apart. If you do things by the book, there’s always Google translate!

Fishtail tails


If you’re a Lambrettista, and something of a traditionalist… the motorcycle jacket I posted about previously won’t cut it for you. For some, the only gear to wear in inclement weather is a Fishtail parka. Well… an original M-51 Parka (The sixties classic, pictured) will set you back a few quid these days. Your looking at an eyewatering £400 or so for a good, used, but restored one. A (slightly) more affordable, and some say better, version is the M-65… warmer, lighter… and still with a vintage feel about it. Expect to pay around the £100 – £150 mark. If you want the look of a ’51 without the price tag, Mod clothing specialists Jump the Gun do a very good repro one for about £100. By the way… if you’re wondering what the codes stand for, it’s quite simple really… it’s the date of original issue by the US Army… M-51 issued in 1951 (so a lot of surplus around by the early 60’s), and the M-65 replaced it in 1965, a bit late for the original mods, but picked up by many revivalists, from ’79 onwards. 

A couple of good sources for Fishtails are fishtailparkas.com and the aforementioned  Jump the Gun.


Lambretta Collectables


Hmm, not sure about these… “inspired by the artistry of Peter Carl Fabergé, this treasure has been handcrafted from fine Heirloom Porcelain® and handpainted for intricate detail. Finished with silvery touches, this masterpiece is adorned with traditional Lambretta colours and logos”. Very nice… but why put it in an egg? Still, it seems they’ve got the detail right, and at £39.99 they’re not outrageously expensive. There’s two in the range at the moment… The SX with the union flag panels, and the iconic Rallymaster. Further issues to follow, including a 200 DL (or GP as we tend to know it in the UK). See for yourself on the Bradford Exchange website. Could be the perfect present for the Lambrettista in your life.