DonGo Bare Bones Scoot

dongo_01I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m not really a “modern scooter” person. But, and again, I’ve mentioned this before, there are some exceptions. The most notable is probably the Honda Ruckus, or Zoomer as it is known in he UK. In the same vein, The DonGo is a back to basics, stripped down scoot that is easy to build, customise, maintain and repair.dongo_06 dongo_05 dongo_02 dongo_04 dongo_03 The idea is that you buy it “flat pack” like Ikea furniture, and put it together yourself. You can spec either a petrol or electric engine. At the moment, I it’s just a concept, at prototype stage… in need of investment to turn into a scoot you can actually buy. If I was a “Dragon” I’d be saying “I’m in” to designer Otto Polefko. I’d love to see this on sale.dongo_10 via YankoDesign. More on the Otto’s Behance page, here.


Build your own scooter trailer

ImageI’ve been seeing a lot of fully laden lammies getting ready for Avignon. It’s pretty amazing how much luggage you can carry on a standard Lambretta with a bit of ingenuity! Now, I’ve seen a few classic scooter trailers over the years, but if they come up for sale, they’re not cheap. So when I saw this article on building your own trailer over at, I thought it may be of interest. There is a certain amount of fabrication skill needed, but not so much it would be beyond many Lambrettisti. You would need a scoot with a bit of power… but if you are doing any long distance touring, you’ve probably got one of those. And it would look better behind a Lambretta!

UPDATE: If you fancy tackling something a little more ambitious than a trailer, why not go for a full blown “teardrop”?

Here the link again.

Via Scooterfile.


Lambretta LD Paper Model


Cut out and make your own Lambretta LD… found this over at the International Scooterist BBS one of there members  got it off of the Sydney City Scooter Club site.

Anyways, it makes a pretty cool model of a Lambretta LD. Well, the sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed the NSU branding, so technically, it’s a NSU Prima. But as the early Prima’s were officially licensed, ‘badge engineered’ (and somewhat improved in some opinions) Teutonic versions of the Lambretta LD we all know and love, I think it still counts as a Lammie.

The instructions are in German, but seriously, how hard can it be? Especially if you’ve ever taken a real one apart. If you do things by the book, there’s always Google translate!