Scomadi Promotional Video

If you didn’t want a Scomadi before seeing this video, you probably will after. The section where the Scomadi rides alongside the GP is genius, you can make a really good comparison between the two Marques, and see just how much GP DNA there is in the Scomadi bloodline. It sits a little higher than the Italian original, and lets be brutally honest, it’s not quite as stunningly beautiful, but it comes pretty close.  I’m sold.

The video was created by Paul “Woodsy” Wood of Manchester Lyons SC. Long time readers of the blog might remember his excellent video of Eurolambretta 2013  Avignon, and his scooter photography. If you haven’t seen them, click the relevant links, cos you really ought to.

But If, having seen this video, you want to stop fitting about on this blog and just buy a Scomadi, you can register your details here.


The Scomadi’s are coming…

10406830_10152713158068545_8173392206311166508_nFull production of the eagerly awaited Scomadi Scooter range – the modern auto with classic Lambretta good looks – is well under way. Dealers are being appointed around the country and the range is being showcased at the prestigous INTERMOT Köln Motorcycle Show. Perhaps even more interesting in the long run are rumours of an Electric Scomadi doing the rounds, with a prototype on display at London Fashion Week. Keep up to date on the Scomadi Facebook page.
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Scomadi Latest

Remember the rather tasty modern incarnation of the Lambretta GP, The Scomadi, that I wrote about way back in November last year, here?ScomadiWell there’s an update on the ScooterNova site. At the recent Morecambe Pre-Season Rally, PM Tuning held an open day at their shop, where a couple of Scomadi’s were on display, including a prototype of the forthcoming 50cc Turismo Leggera production model.ScomadiScomadi are now transitioning from making a few one offs, to full scale production… with manufacturing in Asia. Regualr reader and Lambrettista corespondent Ian pointed me in the direction of this site… Hanway Motors, who are either producing the Scomadi for Lambretta Innovations, or ripping them off…

Anyway, it’s all good in my humble opinion, and I’m a classic Innocenti man. The Scomadi is a modern version of the Italian original, in the same way as a modern Vespa, and the modern Vespa clones (LML etc) encapsulate the spirit of older classic Vespas. Alongside the LN, it can only be good for the whole Lambretta scene.

Scomadi pricing and delivery to finalised. Keep up to date on their website, or Facebook page.

Scomadi update… with rough pricing and first delivery dates

558962_10152043825888545_1737298289_nMy post about the Lambretta lookalike Scomadi scooter from Lambretta Innovations was the most popular single article I’ve ever posted on the Lambrettista blog, so there’s obviously a great deal of interest in this lovely looking GP inspired machine. 1461457_10152026457263545_1650804399_n

Below are some more pics, showing, I think, the general high level of finish, and quality of materials used. This isn’t something that’s been bolted together from a parts bin, it’s been designed (albeit based on a Bertone original, but hey, if you’re going to imitate somebody Bertone is not a bad place to start), refined, and refined again. The refining process isn’t quite finished yet, as there are a few more tweaks before the Scomadi hits full production. And that’s not far off. They’re talking about “early spring” for the first deliveries, and seeing as we are nearly in December now, that’s not too long to wait.1479480_10152043825688545_1004903713_n 1464667_10152043825493545_1211942085_n 994957_10152043825643545_2014980406_n 1460014_10152043825508545_404014742_n 1460042_10152043825683545_1752958225_n 1476477_10152043825858545_1396063568_n 1455898_10152043825533545_1179825614_n

Regarding pricing, word is that the 50cc should come in at around £1800, the 125 version at something over £2000 depending on the exact spec required. So not outrageously expensive, and certainly more affordable than I was expecting. No word yet on the flagship TL300, although that will clearly be the most expensive of the range. These aren’t official figures yet, so hold fire before popping down to see the bank manager. As before, keep track of the latest developments on the Scomadi website, or their Facebook page.

UPDATE: There’s a good article in this months SCOOTERING Magazine, with an interview from Paul Melici, one half of the partnership behind the Scomadi scooter. There’s a bit more info there, so get down to your newsagents and bag yourself a copy. But remember where you read it FIRST 🙂

On a related note, fans of the “new Lambretta” the LN, may be pleased to hear that there may be positive news on this soon. Legal battles with holders of the Lambretta brand name seem to be finally coming to a conclusion, so we may be seeing more about these well reviewed machines again soon. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but an official Lambretta is not a bad thing in my book, even if it simply serves as a “gateway drug” to an original classic 🙂

Scomadi TL50… First pics

Scomadi TL50Looking unsurprisingly like it’s bigger siblings, here’s some shots of the 50cc Scomadi Turismo Leggera I first mentioned a couple of posts ago. More info to follow when I get it!

First impressions? Nice lines. Some delicate smoothing to the classic GP panels. The indicators are subtly incorporated, although my first though was they look like they’re upside down. My biggest problem with the bike is how it sits a little high… which will be a function of the 12″ wheels. It just looks like it needs to take a breath, and relax down onto it’s wheels an inch or two.  But I’m being picky. overall, this looks like a very classy, refined scooter. And miles ahead of any other 50cc bike on the market. Nice work.

EDIT: here are a couple more shots, taken from the Scomadi Facebook page. The big question everybody wants to know is “How Much?” I’ll let you know when I do!

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New Lambretta Lookalike Scomadi’s in 50cc, 125cc and 300cc Variants…

turismo-leggera-300I’ve written about Scomadi’s before, (check out the previous post, here) the “modern classic” scooter based upon the classic GP styling beloved of so many. A true classic Lambretta profile, albeit with 21st century technology, reliability and functionality. A complete win/win surely. Intially, the Scomadi scooter was a rare beast, available hand built  only to the lucky few with pockets deep enough. An initial ‘limited edition’ production run of ten 250cc machines proved that the concept worked, with reports of a smooth, fast, reliable and very rideable scooter.  Demand was such that Lambretta Innovations, the team behind the Scomadi marque (consisting of an alliance between Scooter Innovations and PM Tuning), put together another 30 machines. Lightweight but super strong carbon fibre panels coupled with the proven Piaggio power unit made the “Turismo Leggera” a modern scooter as good as anything else on sale today, and ten times better looking.


Now Scomadi are ramping up production with 50 and 125cc variants… launched at EICMA 2013 in Milan, and hitting the sweet spot for many first time scooter buyers. For the more demanding rider there is the flagship 300cc, 22HP TL300. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but I doubt that they will be cheap! Turismo Leggera Brochure Page

To find out more, including specs, check out the Scomadi website, here: or their Facebook page (which generally has the most up to date stuff) here.

Found via the excellent SooterNova blog.

New Scomadi renderings


I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Scomadi Turismo Leggera, and Frank from Lambretta Innovations got in touch. There’s exciting developments afoot, and he’s shared these renderings of the new carbon fibre panel work with me that the actual material the next batch will be made from is a fibre matrix – the same struff that crash helmets are made from.  Light and super strong. As carbon fibre is not the ideal material to paint over, they are being produced in a range of traditional Lambretta colours ie yellow ochre, orange, light blue, and white. 

They’ve also purchased 25 engines from Piaggio, so it looks like production is beginning to ramp up.
And if you own a Scomadi, please let me know what you think, send me some pics, and I’ll pop them up!

If you missed Lambretta Innovation IOW they are at the Mersea Island rally this weekend.


The 21st century Lambretta, and no, I’m not banging on about the LN again


The Lambretta LN, love it or hate it is probably the machine that Innocenti would be building today, if they were still in the scooter making business that is.
Just as Piaggio no longer make classic Vespas like the GS160, making more efficient, cleaner, quieter, more reliable (and in my opinion) less soulful machines – so too would Innocenti.

So if you want a “modern Lambretta’ grab an LN.

But they are not the only game in town.There’s the Scomadi Turismo Legarra.

The Scomadi has been built on a single principle: the Lambretta may have had many faults, but styling wasn’t one of them.
In fact many enthusiasts believe the Lambretta design reached it’s highest point just before it’s eventual demise – in the Bertone styled DL/GP.

The guys at Scomadi have taken this classic, much loved design and built a modern, reliable and fast scooter under the skin of the GP design. And we’ll come back to the skin later. Starting with a clean sheet of paper they have developed a competely new frame, suspension system and integrated a modern, powerful 250cc, 4 valve, liquid cooled engine. Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear allow you to bring the machine to a safe and controlled halt. And this isn’t just a scooterboys back garden project. Many years of testing, and refining through a number of test bikes and prototypes have led Lambretta Innovations (the people behind the Scomadi) to where they are now… a fast, modern, efficient reincarnation of the classic Lambretta GP.

Those lucky enough to ride the Scomadi say it’s the smoothest ride hey’ve ever had on a Lambretta. The trademark vibration that we Lambrettisti have got used to has simply been engineered out.
And did I mention fast? The Scomadi will cruise all day at 70 mph. If you really want to give it some welly, you’ll get up to 85 mph out of one. That’s performance that is equivalent to the benchmark for modern, automatic scooters, the Vespa GTS 250.

Refinement and performance under a classic GP skin. I said I was going to come back to the skin, as it’s not the metal panels of the GP we all know and love. I think I’ve saved the best for last here, the guys at Lambretta Innovations have developed a whole new panel set, in ultra light, ultra strong carbon fibre. The space age material they make formula one cars and supercars out of. No wonder it goes like a rocket.

So, back to my original point. The LN IS probably the scooter that Innocenti would be making for todays mass market. (Even if there are currently licensing issues regarding whether it is actually legally a Lambretta at all). But the Scomadi is something else. The speed and refinement of a modern powerful scooter (and then some!) coupled with classic Lambretta good looks. Like it’s Ferrari namesake, this is not a mass market scooter, and it’s premium pricing reflects that. But if you want the ultimate evolution of a true design classic, and one that has the soul of a Lambretta GP, and if you’re prepared to pay a little more get the best, this is the scooter you’re looking for.

Find out more at the Scomadi website