New Lambretta Lookalike Scomadi’s in 50cc, 125cc and 300cc Variants…

turismo-leggera-300I’ve written about Scomadi’s before, (check out the previous post, here) the “modern classic” scooter based upon the classic GP styling beloved of so many. A true classic Lambretta profile, albeit with 21st century technology, reliability and functionality. A complete win/win surely. Intially, the Scomadi scooter was a rare beast, available hand built  only to the lucky few with pockets deep enough. An initial ‘limited edition’ production run of ten 250cc machines proved that the concept worked, with reports of a smooth, fast, reliable and very rideable scooter.  Demand was such that Lambretta Innovations, the team behind the Scomadi marque (consisting of an alliance between Scooter Innovations and PM Tuning), put together another 30 machines. Lightweight but super strong carbon fibre panels coupled with the proven Piaggio power unit made the “Turismo Leggera” a modern scooter as good as anything else on sale today, and ten times better looking.


Now Scomadi are ramping up production with 50 and 125cc variants… launched at EICMA 2013 in Milan, and hitting the sweet spot for many first time scooter buyers. For the more demanding rider there is the flagship 300cc, 22HP TL300. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but I doubt that they will be cheap! Turismo Leggera Brochure Page

To find out more, including specs, check out the Scomadi website, here: or their Facebook page (which generally has the most up to date stuff) here.

Found via the excellent SooterNova blog.


15 thoughts on “New Lambretta Lookalike Scomadi’s in 50cc, 125cc and 300cc Variants…

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  8. my name is alain brun and i have a store in nice area scoot discount in france with skyteam i’ll be dealer for scomadi in juanary you will find 50CC and around june 125 and 300 CC i ‘ll be present at the moto exhibition in april in cagnes with also agm scooters now it’s feet back of scomadi lambretta in france and it’s really a good news that many people are waiting so thanks to give this information on the net b rgds alain brun


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