Supertune Gulf GP

Gulf-GP-1So you like the livery of the Bambini sidecar combo I posted the other day, but don’t need a sidecar? Well there’s a Supertune GP on eBay that might float your boat. That lever sticking out from the sidepanel? A custom heel/toe rear brake. Here it is on eBayGulf-GP-2 Gulf-GP-3 Gulf-GP-4 Gulf-GP-5 Gulf-GP-6 Gulf-GP-7 Gulf-GP
There’s that eBay link again.

 While I was nosing around on eBay, I found this original Vintage Gulf Racing jacket (from the 1971 racing season), which would set off the scoot nicely! Here’s the link.GulfRacingJacket-1



2 thoughts on “Supertune Gulf GP

  1. Just yesterday i started all the research to bring back to real street life my late father’s 1958 Lambretta Li150. Shows plenty signs of age, but the engine starts at the first kick…

    And no, i won’t turn it into a mean racing machine as the one you post here, i think i’ll go for the original looks – although that sadly means a dull gray color.


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