Supertune Gulf GP

Gulf-GP-1So you like the livery of the Bambini sidecar combo I posted the other day, but don’t need a sidecar? Well there’s a Supertune GP on eBay that might float your boat. That lever sticking out from the sidepanel? A custom heel/toe rear brake. Here it is on eBayGulf-GP-2 Gulf-GP-3 Gulf-GP-4 Gulf-GP-5 Gulf-GP-6 Gulf-GP-7 Gulf-GP
There’s that eBay link again.

 While I was nosing around on eBay, I found this original Vintage Gulf Racing jacket (from the 1971 racing season), which would set off the scoot nicely! Here’s the link.GulfRacingJacket-1


Classy classic combo

Gulf Racing themed Lambretta Sidecar COmbinationThe Gulf Racing colours of pale blue and bright orange are a classic and recognisable combination that work so well together.  I’ve seen them on many vehicles, from Porches to Beetles, Mini’s, bikes and a fair few scoots over the years. But I think this is the first time I’ve seen them on a Lambretta sidecar combination.  In my ever so humble opinion, it works. And it’s for sale on eBay. The scooter (a GP 150) has been upgraded to with a GT 186 kit, so should pull that Watsonian along nicely. It’s on eBay here. But be quick, the auction ends today.Gulf-Bambini-2-6-9-2014Gulf Bambini GP Gulf-Bambini-3-6-9-2014 Gulf-Bambini-4-6-9-2014 Gulf-Bambini-5-6-9-2014
Here’s that link again