Lambretta LN on a shopping trip in Vietnam…


Glamourous Vietnamese Lambretta girl Mai Chi on a shopping trip with the new Lambretta LN. In our eurocentric world we sometimes forget just how big a market South East Asia is for the new Lambretta, from some of the buzz online, it almost seems to be their lead market. 

Via LambrettaFace


Lambretta Helicak


An unusual Lambretta/Rickshaw type contraption from Indonesia, these Helicaks (because they look like a Helicopter, presumably) are one of the odder Lambretta conversions I’ve seen.


They were introduced in Jakarta in the early ’70s, but by the late ’80s were deemed unsafe, as in an impending accident, the drivers tended to abandon ship, leaving the passengers trapped in the fibreglass cab to take the brunt of the collision.