Lambretta. Not.


Whatever you feel about the Lambretta LN and it’s siblings, at least some attempt has been made to echo some classic Lambretta styling. Which is more than can be said for this monstrosity. When I saw it, I got a little bit of sick in the back of my throat. It’s marketed as “Brand new Mod Vintage Lambretta ‘PATO’ Scooter Blue 151CC RRP- £3,900.00… Limited Vintage Edition Grab One For Yourself” I’d highly recommend that you DON’T.

This has less Lambretta DNA than a Lada, and all the street cred of a Disney character comedy tie. 

Get a proper Lambretta, get a LN, get a V*spa, for gawd sake… get a cheap Chinese twist’n’go… but avoid this. Seriously. I’m not going to even stick the eBay link up. 



Lambretta LN… at least it’s not a Pato!

The kindest way to describe the Lambretta LN’s reception in the UK is to say it has been mixed. A lot of people, mainly those of us with ‘proper’ Lambretta scooters simply don’t like it.

Well, here’s the good news… at least it’s not a Pato… the “Lambretta” they have had to put up with in the states for the last couple of years.