Lambretta Club USA – Lammy Jammy 2019

Thursday, August 15 – Sunday, August 18th 2019

The Lambretta Club USA have announced the Lambretta Jamboree this year will be in The Black Hills of Dakota, at Custer, South Dakota.

It’s a great area for riding – with some of the local highlights being Needles Highway, the Iron Mountain Road, the Custer wildlife loop, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Sturgis, and Deadwood.

More details, and booking information on the LCUSA site, here.

Great artwork by Adam Xyl! (Thanks Peter).


So… the US President has been in touch with the Lambrettista blog!

Nope, not the Donald… Peter Lundgren, President of the Lambretta Club USA. He was letting me know that they’ve re-vamped the website, adding a ton of new content.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 17.19.51.png

It’s a fantastic resource  for enthusiasts (not just in US) as they’ve collected and compiled numerous original Lambretta parts manuals, service manuals, owners manuals and miscellaneous original Lambretta related documents and scanned them to make them available through the site. For free.Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 17.32.46.png

At the moment, only a fraction of they’ve scanned is up on the site, but  what is there is gold dust for Lambretta owners. Their primary focus is on machines not covered within Stickies manual, so if you have an early machine, it’s well worth checking out.

I’m happy to say I’ve got Lambrettisti from all around the globe reading, and getting in touch with the blog – This is only a hobby for me, so it really makes my day when you do. The love for the Lambretta is truly worldwide, and unites us all.

It goes without saying, if you’re in the US, joining the LCUSA is a no-brainer!

Here’s the website link:

And their FB page:

Lambretta Jubilee Art

Lambretta Jubilee BostonOne of the big events, for the sate side Lambrettisti, is the annual Lambretta Jubilee, a national, Lambretta only event organised by the Lambretta Club USA. Next year, it’s in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lambretta Jubilee Colorado

Now being the other side of the pond, I don’t know an awful lot more than that. But what I do know, is whoever designs their posters for them is doing an excellent job. I’ve found last years one from Colorado, and  these are real quality illustrations. So if you’ve got any more examples of these masterpieces of graphic art, give me a nod… It would be great to feature them on here. Maybe more importantly, if you know the talent behind the illustrations, please let me know, I’d love to give him / her the credit they are due!

EDIT / Update: Corey from The Bitter End Scooter Club, Ontario, Canada has given me a heads up on the artist. It’s by Glenn Reid, who has a website here. There are a fair few scoots features in his work, which will probably be as familiar to you, as they were to me when I saw them. Really lovely stuff, with an art deco travel poster vibe about them. Nice work Glenn, and cheers for the info Corey.

FURTHER EDIT / UPDATE: The Colorado Spring illustrations are by Adam Biddle, aka Adam Xyl, a Lambretta owner and rider, and a member of the Peak Scooter Club. Nice work Adam.

Lambretta LN… at least it’s not a Pato!

The kindest way to describe the Lambretta LN’s reception in the UK is to say it has been mixed. A lot of people, mainly those of us with ‘proper’ Lambretta scooters simply don’t like it.

Well, here’s the good news… at least it’s not a Pato… the “Lambretta” they have had to put up with in the states for the last couple of years.

Cushty Custom Cushman


If the Russian Tula I posted the other day doesn’t appeal, howsabout something from the other side of the cold war. Filed under “it’s not a Lambretta, but it’s pretty darn cool” department… I bring you this lovely custom Cushman. Cushman scooters hail from the good old US of A, and while many european scooters tried to ape the lovely curves of the Lambretta and Vespa, with varying degrees of success, Cushman plowed their own furrow.


Instead of a set french curves, the designer used a good old ruler. 
This example dates back to 1960, and is a customised Model 520. The customisation is pretty tastefully done, some nice pinstriping, a ’59 Cadillac tailight, and the dice detailing on that mysterious lever on the left side of the scooter. (I think it opens the engine compartment). It’s the epitome of the 1950’s Vegas Loungebar aesthetic, scooter style!
Better than all that, it’s for sale, here, so if you’ve got the yen for something different, and the Soviet Tula, stick an offer in. Oh, and if the model looks kinda familiar to you, you’re probably thinking of that Bo Diddley LP cover…





Ok, ok, I know I’ve used the V-word… again… but I came across this great infographic and had to share it. 

It’s US-centric, and more about modern scooters than classic ones, but there is something to be said for the argument.
I say, get a classic Lambretta. And in the UK, you don’t have to pay any road tax either… 
Ful story here.