Lambretta. Not.


Whatever you feel about the Lambretta LN and it’s siblings, at least some attempt has been made to echo some classic Lambretta styling. Which is more than can be said for this monstrosity. When I saw it, I got a little bit of sick in the back of my throat. It’s marketed as “Brand new Mod Vintage Lambretta ‘PATO’ Scooter Blue 151CC RRP- £3,900.00… Limited Vintage Edition Grab One For Yourself” I’d highly recommend that you DON’T.

This has less Lambretta DNA than a Lada, and all the street cred of a Disney character comedy tie. 

Get a proper Lambretta, get a LN, get a V*spa, for gawd sake… get a cheap Chinese twist’n’go… but avoid this. Seriously. I’m not going to even stick the eBay link up. 



Lambretta Cuckoo clock


Really. This is NOT a wind up. Well, I suppose being a clock, it might be a bit of a wind up 😉 I featured Bradford Exchange Lambretta Egg a while back, and I was a bit uncertain about the concept. Well, I’m not uncertain about this little gem… It’s absolutely crap! Why would you want to style a cuckoo clock of all things with Lambretta trim and branding. 

I can only imagine anybody buying this for kitchy novelty reasons… and £125 is a bit much for a bad joke. it’s sooo bad I initially thought it was a Viz style wind-up. The sad thing is, the quality of the modelling of the actual scooters looks pretty good… I haven’t seen one in the flesh of course. Just flog the scooters as a model on a wooden plynth like this  and forget about making crappy cuckoo clocks. If anybody has the good taste to own a Lambretta, they ain’t going to buy one of these… 
If I’m wrong, (and please tell me in the comments if you think I am!) and you would be delighted to own one of these “mastercrafted wall-hanging tribute showcases’  …would thrill to seeing appear and scooter rotate every hour, accompanied by the authentic, throaty roar of an original SX 200 engine… you can get hold of one here. Or you might want to check that the whole things not a joke.