Brooklyn Scooter Chase


Brooklynbretta used to be the place to take your vintage scoot for repairs in NYC. Sadly, it’s gone now, closing it’s doors in 2009. But what remains is pretty cool; this fun vid of a scooter chase through the streets of NYC. The resolutions not great, but the content is.

Via Renton66

Little Things Mean A Lot – Lambretta Ad


There’s a lot to like in this ad… not least the Lammies! The advertiser, AXA, has paid attention to get some of the little details right (or rather their ad agency has). The lead actor even looks like he’s properly into the whole mod thing, even if he’s a little young to be “an original”. I wasn’t going to post this, as I thought everybody would have already seen this… but then I though, “well, only in the UK”, as the blog has more or less a global reach (more than 100 countries last time I checked).

80’s Scooter Rally


This video starts off with some footage we’ve all seen a million times before, mods at the seaside in the 60’s… which is always good for another watch. But the real gem is when it switches to the Scarborough 1983 rally… the scoots, the clothes, the hair… brings it all back.

Oh and incidentally, it kind of reinforces my last post about the Serveta Lynx and the Vespa P-range… ONE Lynx and a ton of PX’s and P200E’s… To be fair, the Lynx wasn’t launched until 1983, and the P-Range had been around since 1977… (although tbh, I hadn’t realised it was as early as that).