Huggy Bear’s Lambretta

Who knew Starsky & Hutch‘s favourite informant, Huggy Bear rode a Lambretta? I would expect it to be more ‘pimped’.

Starsky & Hutch NYPD Serveta


I’ve had this pic knocking around in a folder for a while, shot during the filming of Starsky & Hutch – featuring a Serveta L150 Special in full NYPD livery. I’ve got another one of Huggy Bear fixing a Lambretta somewhere, just got to dig that out…

Brooklyn Scooter Chase


Brooklynbretta used to be the place to take your vintage scoot for repairs in NYC. Sadly, it’s gone now, closing it’s doors in 2009. But what remains is pretty cool; this fun vid of a scooter chase through the streets of NYC. The resolutions not great, but the content is.

Via Renton66

Blue Ashtray… a close-up

Blue Ashtray Lambretta GP CF086118I came across another couple of shots of this lovely turquoise “Ashtray Blue” (read the blog for the explanation), scoot. The colours work really well, as does that big track pipe… a real mean and meaty looking Lammie from the mean streets of NYC.

And with the panels off…Blue Ashtray Lambretta GP

Blue Ashtray Blog here

Blue Ashtray – the story of a Lambretta DL125 in NYC

lueAsgtray1So… the second New York post of the week… This one is a blog about the purchase and restoration of a Lambretta DL in “Mexican Ashtray Blue” in New York CIty. An image heavy blog, said images being really evocative of NYC… often shot with a twist of wry humour… it’s a great read, with great imagery. Check it out here, and added it to my growing Links page.